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Happy Birthday Myka!!!
Sat May 27, 2017 7:28am

Happy 7th birthday to Myka, Java and Kallie!!!! It is hard to believe that she is my baby girl, whom I love very, very much!!!


    • Happy Belated Birthday!Hope (Abby and Boomer), Tue Jul 4 9:10pm
      Donna, I hope Myka had a wonderful birthday and that all is well with you and your family. Boomer and Abby will be 7 in September; time has flown! Happy 4th of July to you, too! :)
      • Hi Hope!!!Donna/Myka, Wed Jul 5 10:58am
        It is so good to hear from you!!! How are Boomer and Abby doing? I can't believe that they will be 7 in September!! We both were blessed with our babies around the same time! Myka had a great... more
    • Hi!Keba/Kallie, Sun Jun 11 6:20pm
      Belated happy birthday to Myka! Our girls are getting older! Kallie still acts like a pup which is hard for me to believe on a daily basis! Hope all is well with you. Going well with the diabetes,... more
      • Hi Linda!!!Myka/Donna, Mon Jun 12 1:56pm
        It is so good to hear from you!! Yes, indeed, our girls are getting older, not us!! Myka is just like her sister acting like a pup!! I am so glad that you are doing well with your diabetes. I am... more
    • Happy Birthday Myka!! Time flies! (nm)Marilynn (Smoochie), Mon May 29 6:19pm
    • Re: Happy Birthday Myka!!!Kathie/Gaby, Sun May 28 11:20am
      Happy Birthday to All! Our darling Gaby is 8 today (Gabrielle/Lucy)!
    • Happy Birthday!Grace (Austin), Sun May 28 5:30am
      Lucky 7 Happy Birthday! 🐾🎉🎂🎈
      • Thank you so much, Grace!Donna/Myka, Sun May 28 6:05pm
        How is Austin doing? Myka sends him licks!!
        • Myka's BirthdayGrace (Austin), Wed May 31 3:43pm
          Hi Donna, Austin is doing well, sendslicks back to Myka! :)
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