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Marilynn (Smoochie)
Happy Birthday Austin!!! Keep swimming and teasing the
Mon May 29, 2017 6:24pm


  • Austin's 11th Birthday!Grace (Austin), Sat Apr 29 2:06pm
    Thank you everyone so much for Austin's Birthday wishes! I tried posting some pictures but for some reason they wouldn't load. I do however have some pictures posted on Imgur under the name... more
    • Happy Birthday Austin!!! Keep swimming and teasing the — Marilynn (Smoochie), Mon May 29 6:24pm
    • AustinScooter's dad, Sun Apr 30 8:04am
      Is it Austin that has those listed health problems? You can hire him out to find weed. :-)
      • Austin's 11th Birthday!Grace (Austin), Sun Apr 30 8:48am
        Yes, those are Austin's health problems. The vertigo came about from a severe ear infection he got back in September. Usually a dog will get vertigo around 15 or 15 years of age then its called... more
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