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Hi Linda!!!
Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:56pm

It is so good to hear from you!! Yes, indeed, our girls are getting older, not us!! Myka is just like her sister acting like a pup!! I am so glad that you are doing well with your diabetes. I am doing good, too. I still crave fried chicken, french fries, cake, big bowls of ice cream, strawberry cheesecake and all the good stuff I can't eat on a daily basis. I do cheat every now and then, but I basically stick to my low carbohydrate diet. I still just take Metformin once a day. How about you?

Here is my email address. Hopefully we can send photos of our girls to each other. Ostikam@gmail.com.

How is Keba doing?

Myka sends her sister licks!!


  • Hi!Keba/Kallie, Sun Jun 11 6:20pm
    Belated happy birthday to Myka! Our girls are getting older! Kallie still acts like a pup which is hard for me to believe on a daily basis! Hope all is well with you. Going well with the diabetes,... more
    • Hi Linda!!! — Myka/Donna, Mon Jun 12 1:56pm
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