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Grace (Austin)
Change In Bark Tone
Wed Jul 5, 2017 5:22pm

Hi everyone, just a quick question. Austin, who is now 11, has had a sudden change in the tone of his bark. Over the past couple of days its become a deep, almost throaty bark. Does anyone have an older doodle whose bark has changed, is it even a thing? I'm going to be calling the vet tomorrow but am just curious. I'd say if he were a person it might be laryngitis from too much barking but OMG he's been barking nonstop his whole life LOL

    • Change in Bark ToneDonna/Myka, Thu Jul 6 11:52am
      Hi Grace, I'm saying a little prayer for Austin. Please let us know how his check-up turned out with his vet. Myka sends Austin get well licks!! Love, Donna
    • Agree, I would take her in. Kelli, Thu Jul 6 12:37am
      Please let us know what you find out.
    • Change in Bark ToneBethany Hornthal, Thu Jul 6 12:35am
      Grace, I'm glad you're calling the vet. A sudden change in bark tone is a symptom that can be an indicator of a number of issues - especially in an older dog. It can be due to swelling or... more
      • Austin and all the Golden Doodles terry fine, Thu Jul 6 8:32am
        It's strange, I'm 73 and Dylan is three and my desire is to not OUTLIVE Dylan. I hope Austin is going to be OK. I trust my vet, Dr. Terry at Bradenton River Animal Clinic. If the diagnosis is not... more
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