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terry fine
Austin and all the Golden Doodles
Thu Jul 6, 2017 8:32am

It's strange, I'm 73 and Dylan is three and my desire is to not OUTLIVE Dylan.

I hope Austin is going to be OK.

I trust my vet, Dr. Terry at Bradenton River Animal Clinic.

If the diagnosis is not good, maybe get a second opinion, if there is any grey area.

My wife (Gini Fine) and I have been through "TOO" many ups and downs with our wonderful Dogs, however, we will love all of them forever and beyond.

We wish you only positive results with Austin.

Terry And Gini Fine

PS Dylan sends his love to Austin

  • Change in Bark ToneBethany Hornthal, Thu Jul 6 12:35am
    Grace, I'm glad you're calling the vet. A sudden change in bark tone is a symptom that can be an indicator of a number of issues - especially in an older dog. It can be due to swelling or... more
    • Austin and all the Golden Doodles — terry fine, Thu Jul 6 8:32am
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