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Grace (Austin)
Change in Bark Tone Update On Austin
Wed Aug 2, 2017 9:19am

Just a quick update on Austin.. I posted earlier that I was taking him to the vet regarding his sudden change in bark tone. The vet doesn't think its Laryngeal Paralysis as Austin doesn't present any of the other classic symptoms other than the change in bark but maybe a simple case of Laryngitis. We agreed it wasn't a good idea to put him under just to look at the throat so we are going to wait until he needs a dental cleaning then he will be out anyway. For now we are doing a round of antibiotics and trying to keep him quiet (wishful thinking LOL ) and he is already on an antiinflammatory for his arthritis.

If you are not familiar with this condition basically it occurs as dogs get older when the muscles in the Larynx begin to weaken and no longer function properly. It can be quite serious if your not careful such as walking long distances, being out in the heat. Its an easy fix with surgery, however, the biggest risk is that afterward you have to be very careful because the dog can aspirate on food or water which could lead to pneumonia. If you've never seen the symptoms up close, you can do a search for it on YouTube. Its actually very interesting. I also asked my vet if there is a link to this type of paralysis with dogs that bark excessively like Austin and he said no.

So for now he's good, he is getting cataracts and will have to deal with his vertigo, seizures and spondylosis for the rest of his life but he is still quite the character, always happy. We kind of take our days on his call. If he wants to walk we walk, and if he wants to lay around then thats what we do. I also started grooming him myself which is a whole other ball game! The first time everyone in the neighborhood thought he was ill and his hair was falling out, and my son said he looked like a stray with mange. But I have to say the 2nd grooming went much better! LOL

He now has an Rx dispenser that is larger than mine! LOL . Between him and our 14 year old cat I feel like I'm running a little nursing home over here. :) Hope everyone's pups are doing well, Austin sends tail wags!

    • Update on AustinDonna/Myka, Wed Aug 16 4:17pm
      Thanks for the update on Austin. I'm sure he's glad that you are his Mom!! Myka sends get well licks and hugs!
      • Change in Bark ToneGrace (Austin), Thu Aug 17 11:12am
        The other possibility is that he may have a polyp or tumor somewhere which would require having to take him to a specialist who can scope him to look and see. Unfortunately, the cost for the... more
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