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Bethany Hornthal
Hoping you are all safe
Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:48am

Once the wind and rains have calmed, please let your extended Moss Creek Goldendoodle Family know how you've weathered this outrageous storm - and if we can do anything to help.

  • IrmaScooter's Dad, Sun Sep 10 8:27am
    We are worried for all in the way of Irma and are hoping for the best.
    • Hoping you are all safe — Bethany Hornthal, Mon Sep 11 12:48am
      • Hi Sis!Smoochie, Wed Sep 13 6:49pm
        My humans and I are safe and sound. I went in the closet during tornado warnings really fast ! Thanks for checking on us. We were very lucky where we are. Xo, Smooch ps brother Harlii ok too
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