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Therese paget
Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:35pm

I am so sorry. My heart beaks for you. I can only imagine this huge, great loss. Know that you have love coming from EVERYWHERE XO

  • lossMarla (Spencer), Wed Sep 13 3:52am
    I have not spoken in a long time. I just wanted everyone to know especially Kelli and Ren, that my wonderful Spencer passed away on 8/29. I still can not stop crying. He was my baby. I can not... more
    • We are SO SORRY — Therese paget, Thu Sep 14 11:35pm
    • LossScooter' dad, Thu Sep 14 2:26pm
      Us dog lovers know that when we lose our beloved pup it is one of our greatest loses. Scooter is a Pet Partner therapy dog and we meet dog lovers all the time and ofter the subject of losing a pup... more
    • Re: lossAnnie Edwards, Thu Sep 14 9:24am
      It is good to talk about your loss and now be surrounded by your mosscreek friends. You are not alone in this. I pray that you will be comforted and find peace. I did not want any more pets because... more
      • Spencerterry fine, Thu Sep 14 10:50am
        Maria, Our heart bleeds with you. Our most wonderful gift is never long enough. Sometimes in the future, Spencer Jr. is looking for a home and for you to love him. Terry and Gini Fine
    • So very sorry for your loss...Sullivan Mahan, Thu Sep 14 8:17am
      Maria -- I hope you find some comfort in the knowledge that you provided Spencer with a wonderful life filled with love and joy. May God continue to hold you comfortingly in the palm of His hand... more
    • lossMarla (Spencer) aka Doodles, Thu Sep 14 3:18am
      I got his ashes today. Doodles was the third baby I lost in 5 years. He really was never the same after losing his brothers. Riley (wheaten terrier) passed away in my lap on the deck outside. Quincy... more
      • LossGrace (Austin), Thu Sep 14 6:26am
        So, so sorry for your loss. Losing any kind of pet, no matter how many you have, is never easy. But these dogs seem to have a special gift, a spark, that makes them extra special. I am giving Austin... more
    • So sorryMarilynn (Smoochie), Wed Sep 13 6:44pm
      Marla, so sorry to hear about your Spencer. The loss of our fur babies is huge, anyone who has experienced it knows how you feel. Hugs to you. Time does help, but Spencer will always be in your heart.
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