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Grace (Austin)
Austin Emergency Surgery
Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:29am

We arrived back home at 2:00 am this morning after hurricane evacuation. At about 2:15 am Austin became gravely ill with bloat. At 4:00 am he had a 3 hour emergency surgery and is now in recovery. I truly believe Spencer Doodle was watching over him!!

    • Austin's SurgeryDonna/Myka, Fri Sep 29 1:55pm
      Hi Grace, I really hope that Austin is doing better. Please let us know. Myka sends get well licks. Love to all, Donna
    • Wishing well to AustinScooter's Dad, Sun Sep 17 7:55pm
      A quick reverory is in the offing.
      • Emergency SurgeryGrace (Austin), Sun Sep 17 9:09pm
        Austin says thank you for all of the get well wishes! I brought him home today. He looks pretty miserable right now. Lots of sutures, lots of Rx, baby food to eat and lots of rest. Going to be a... more
    • So happy he's OK! (nm)Ren, Sat Sep 16 8:41am
    • Re: Austin Emergency SurgeryMarla (Spencer) aka Doodles, Sat Sep 16 3:11am
      Yes he was, I know it!!!!
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