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Grace (Austin)
Update On Austin
Sat Oct 21, 2017 7:39am

FINALLY, Austin has gotten through his Aspiration Pneumonia! After 2 rounds of 2 different antibiotics, long steam sessions in the bathroom and lots of rest he is finally feeling better! He's lost quite a bit of weight between the bloat surgery and the pneumonia but slowly but surely he's getting better. In fact, "Mr. Sass" as I sometimes call him, has made an appearance this week. :)

From now on though, he will be on a daily antacid, anti nausea Rx when needed, sedation for long car travel, only canned food and treats for sensitive stomachs, no dry food, no bones, etc..

His change in bark tone since this past July has shed some new light as well. What we think happened was he barked so forcefully that he may have torn his vocal chords and when they healed, it just changed his bark tone, much like in people who are singers and sustain vocal chord damage, sometimes it can change their voice.

So long story short, I think the old man has got a few more years to run me ragged, but I wouldn't have it any other way! :) In fact, as I'm typing this "Mr. Sass" is barking at me because he wants to go for a walk and evidently I'm not moving fast enough. LOL

    • Re: Update On AustinCookie / Honey, Mon Oct 23 11:51am
      Such good news!
    • Re: Update On AustinFrank(Zookie & 2Shot), Sun Oct 22 11:16am
      That's wonderful! Many more happy years ahead
    • AustinScooter's dad, Sun Oct 22 6:37am
      Thanks for the update. We are sure can appreciate how it feels to be "out of the woods". Give Mr. Sass a hug, and tell him that we are glad he is getting back to his old self.
    • Austin's Recovery!!!Donna/Myka, Sat Oct 21 11:07am
      Good Morning Grace!!! Thanks so very much for the awesome news on your baby Austin!!!!! I am so happy for you. I know it's been hard for both you and Austin. Whatever we need to do for our babies, we ... more
      • Austin UpdateGrace (Austin), Sat Oct 21 7:58pm
        Thanks Donna !! :)
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