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We said goodbye to Mariner
Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:05pm

Although Mariner was not a Moss Creek Doodle many of you may remember him.
We adopted Mariner 10 years ago after he had suffered from a brain injury that left him blind and having seizures.

He had been doing well for many years and the last few he had more energy and playfulness then he had had for a long time. Over the past few weeks he declined quickly. He was unable to stand and lost interest in food. His liver was failing.

He tried to stand but he couldn't, he had lost his quality of life - it was time.

Kelli - thank you, again for all your help and knowledge with Mariner. We wondering how Daisy and Henna were doing.

All our love,
Sharon & Andy

    • So very sorry to hear about your beloved Marilynn (Smoochie), Wed Nov 1 9:37pm
      Mariner. I donít look at the forum very often any more, but just happened to tonight. I remember your posts from years ago, and I know how special Mariner was to you, and you to him. It is so sad to... more
    • MarinerDonna/Myka, Sun Oct 22 12:46pm
      Dear Andy and Sharon, my prayers and thoughts are with you as you remember your baby Mariner. What awesome parents you are and I am sure Mariner knew it. Please Google "The Rainbow Bridge". It is a... more
      • Re: MarinerAndy&Sharon(BoomerMarinerShayna), Fri Oct 27 2:55pm
        Thanks Donna! I did read th3e poem & definitely is a beautiful poem! Give Myka a hug from us!!
        • MarinerDonna/Myka, Fri Oct 27 7:45pm
          I certainly will.
    • MarinerScooter's dad, Sun Oct 22 6:10am
      You have our deepest sympathies. Us dog lovers know how hard it is. You may be familiar with this, i share it often: "It came to me that every time we lose a dog they take a piece of our heart with... more
      • Re: MarinerAndy&Sharon(BoomerMarinerShayna), Fri Oct 27 2:44pm
        Thank you for your kind words. I agree it definitely took a piece of our hearts! hugs to Scooter!!
    • MarinerGrace (Austin), Sat Oct 21 8:03pm
      So, so sorry for you both! What great guardians Mariner had. It sounds like he had a very long and very happy life with you. I will keep you in my thoughts and will give Austin an extra hug tonight.
      • Re: MarinerAndy&Sharon(BoomerMarinerShayna), Fri Oct 27 2:51pm
        Thanks Grace! It seems you had your hands full with Austin! Im so HAPPY he is doing better! Give Austin a hug from us!!
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