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Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:46pm

Dear Andy and Sharon, my prayers and thoughts are with you as you remember your baby Mariner. What awesome parents you are and I am sure Mariner knew it. Please Google "The Rainbow Bridge". It is a beautiful poem to read as you go through this time remembering Mariner.

Love to all,

Donna & Myka

  • We said goodbye to MarinerAndy&Sharon(BoomerMarinerShayna), Sat Oct 21 5:05pm
    Although Mariner was not a Moss Creek Doodle many of you may remember him. We adopted Mariner 10 years ago after he had suffered from a brain injury that left him blind and having seizures. He had... more
    • So very sorry to hear about your beloved Marilynn (Smoochie), Wed Nov 1 9:37pm
      Mariner. I donít look at the forum very often any more, but just happened to tonight. I remember your posts from years ago, and I know how special Mariner was to you, and you to him. It is so sad to... more
    • Mariner — Donna/Myka, Sun Oct 22 12:46pm
      • Re: MarinerAndy&Sharon(BoomerMarinerShayna), Fri Oct 27 2:55pm
        Thanks Donna! I did read th3e poem & definitely is a beautiful poem! Give Myka a hug from us!!
        • MarinerDonna/Myka, Fri Oct 27 7:45pm
          I certainly will.
    • MarinerScooter's dad, Sun Oct 22 6:10am
      You have our deepest sympathies. Us dog lovers know how hard it is. You may be familiar with this, i share it often: "It came to me that every time we lose a dog they take a piece of our heart with... more
      • Re: MarinerAndy&Sharon(BoomerMarinerShayna), Fri Oct 27 2:44pm
        Thank you for your kind words. I agree it definitely took a piece of our hearts! hugs to Scooter!!
    • MarinerGrace (Austin), Sat Oct 21 8:03pm
      So, so sorry for you both! What great guardians Mariner had. It sounds like he had a very long and very happy life with you. I will keep you in my thoughts and will give Austin an extra hug tonight.
      • Re: MarinerAndy&Sharon(BoomerMarinerShayna), Fri Oct 27 2:51pm
        Thanks Grace! It seems you had your hands full with Austin! Im so HAPPY he is doing better! Give Austin a hug from us!!
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