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Grace (Austin)
Canned Food For Sensitive Stomach And Skin
Tue Oct 24, 2017 5:47pm

I was wondering if anyone else feeds their doodles canned food for sensitive stomach and skin. I have had to switch Austin to this as well as supplement with a little boiled chicken and rice, and, wow, I thought his hair was soft before, but now it is so super soft! Iíve noticed a huge difference since we switched. In fact, I tried to give him a can of what he used to eat which was grain free limited ingredient and it ended very badly. Got really sick to his stomach :(

Also the vet has suggested that I start giving him Nordic Natiurals fish oil supplements so I was wondering if anyone gives that to their pups.

    • Sensitive Stomach and SkinDonna/Myka, Fri Oct 27 8:08pm
      Hi Grace! Myka has a sensitive tummy. She would get diarrhea really bad. I would give her the boiled chicken and rice and she would eat the chicken and leave most of the rice! Her vet put her on... more
      • Sensitive Stomach and SkinGrace (Austin), Mon Oct 30 11:10am
        Hi Donna, I wish I could post pictures but for some reason I can't get Shutterfly to work with it anymore. Anyway, I get all of our stuff through Chewy as well. I have to give Austin Glandex chews... more
        • Austin & Myka!Donna/Myka, Mon Oct 30 7:18pm
          Hi Grace! Oh my goodness!! Myka has anal gland issues sometimes, too! When she scooches on the carpet, I know her anal glands are getting full! I'm actually taking her to the vet tomorrow, because... more
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