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Winter, sister to Max and Meggie
Sat Oct 28, 2017 8:43am

I had logged on to post a picture of Winter, but I am not entirely sure how to do it.

Anyway, Winter is now 3 1/2 yo and she is doing great. Adding her to our family changed my son so much and really made him far more sociable. Everybody who meets her loves her. I started to surf the MC doodle page looking for a sister for her right before the hurricane came through. We had such a hard time finding a place to evacuate to that we now couldn't imagine how to deal with a second puppy...so alas she will remain our only furry one.

She still has not outgrown her love of socks and slippers, but she is otherwise very good about not getting into too many things. She is super well-behaved with other dogs. She sits when she sees a dog and waits for them to come greet her. Also, during the October 2016 hurricane, we were the shelter for 16 people, including 6 kids and 6 dogs from 4 different households. She was amazing at dealing with the chaos and the dogs invading her home turf.

    • WinterGrace (Austin), Thu Nov 2 6:04pm
      Wow, 3 1/2, yes, you've got your hands full LOL That is what I love about Doodles, they love everyone and everything. I still laugh every time I take Austin for a walk and the neighborhood cats come... more
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