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Austin & Myka!
Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:18pm

Hi Grace!

Oh my goodness!! Myka has anal gland issues sometimes, too! When she scooches on the carpet, I know her anal glands are getting full! I'm actually taking her to the vet tomorrow, because she has been shaking her head a lot, scratching her left ear and scooching! I hope she doesn't have an ear infection...that it's just her allergies. They sound like brother and sister with their anal glands, sensitive tummies and skin!!

Royal Canin also has canned food, too. They have a good variety.

I love, love, love that Austin is spoiled!!! He's the King of His Domain and deserves those 300 thread count sheets!! Myka never really liked her bed...she sleeps on mine!! She is spoiled, too!! ;)

I used to post photos using Picture Trail. It's all become so technical and I can't do it anymore, either.

Have a good evening!! Myka sends licks!!

  • Sensitive Stomach and SkinGrace (Austin), Mon Oct 30 11:10am
    Hi Donna, I wish I could post pictures but for some reason I can't get Shutterfly to work with it anymore. Anyway, I get all of our stuff through Chewy as well. I have to give Austin Glandex chews... more
    • Austin & Myka! — Donna/Myka, Mon Oct 30 7:18pm
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