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Marilynn (Smoochie)
Looking forward to seeing you and Sunny! (nm)
Mon Nov 6, 2017 7:34am

  • RompMye mye porr, Sat Nov 4 7:26pm
    Is there going to be a fall romp in Boca?
    • Looking forward to seeing you and Sunny! (nm) — Marilynn (Smoochie), Mon Nov 6 7:34am
    • Boca RompDelliott215@comcast.net, Sun Nov 5 6:47am
      December 3 with lunch after. You need to contact Marilyn Kaufman Howell if you will be going to lunch. Are you on Facebook?
      • rompmye mye, Sun Nov 5 2:56pm
        I am not on Facebook but I will be at the Romp and count me in for lunch. I do not have Marilyn's email so please ilet her know. See you soon MYEMYE
        • Re: rompAnonymous, Sun Nov 5 3:41pm
          How many for lunch? You should join FB. You are missing a lot. Please tell me your names. Thanks.
    • rompterry fine, Sun Nov 5 6:10am
      Please let us know. Dylan would love to go and ask us to RSVP
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