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Grace (Austin)
Aspiration Pneumonia
Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:35pm

Hi all, trying to find some answers to Austin's recent health issues and need to find out if anyone has had this issue with their doodle.

Austin is now going through his 3rd bout of aspiration pneumonia. His latest bout came very early Saturday morning when he both regurgitated and vomited. Within 24 hours it turned into pneumonia. As I have posted earlier, he had emergency surgery for bloat with torsion back in September. The surgery was a success, however, he has had 3 episodes where he has vomited and then aspirated which has led to pneumonia.

We are puzzled as to whats going on. According to the ER vet when they vomit without warning or retching its regurgitation. That can have something to do with their esophagus. If they wretch or heave then vomit its just vomiting. So for him to be aspirating every time this happens is not normal. X-rays show that the esophagus looks fine.

Has anyone ever had this problem come up? If so whats causing it?

    • AustinDonna/Myka, Tue Nov 21 8:37pm
      Hi Grace, so sorry about Austin's health issues. He is a fighter and you're a good Mom. Love you!
    • Austinanne-sophie gadenne, Mon Nov 20 6:57am
      So sorry he gets this It may be a complication from the surgery depending how the stomach was attached That is all I can think of as a human doc Greetings to all from Churchill and Milou
    • pneumonia Scooter's dad, Mon Nov 20 6:17am
      I am sorry to hear about that problem. I can appreciate how troubling and painful it can be. I have never heard of such an unusual problem. Have you done any internet research? It may be just one of... more
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