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Grace (Austin)
Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:20am

Dear Kelli,

We had to let Austin go this morning. He was 11. After battling pneumonia for a 3rd time, he no longer wanted to eat or drink. He let us know it was time. His last week with us was fantastic. He ate like a champ, went on walks to see his furry friends, barked like crazy and still had the energy to tackle me one night in the family room to play :) Crazy on 4 legs!

His boy and I chose to bring him to the vet because he got to enjoy one last car ride and he got to visit the vet tech girls one last time. And we wanted all of our memories at home to be happy ones. His passing was quick and peaceful but I held his paw, gave him kisses and told him to be good. We will miss him very much.

Please give your doodles extra hugs tonight and spoil them rotten :)


Grace Everitt

    • AustinDonna/Myka, Tue Nov 21 8:46pm
      Hi Grace, I am so glad that you have wonderful memories of your baby, Austin. I know it's very hard for you. Your words describing Austin really touched my heart. Please Google and read "The Rainbow... more
    • AUSTINterry fine, Tue Nov 21 8:51am
      Grace, It is hard to even write you in the moment. My heart is bleeding but you are an inspiration to all. What a lucky Dodle Austin was to have you as a friend. It is truly just like losing a child. ... more
    • AustinDonna, Tue Nov 21 8:07am
      I am so sorry for your loss. Through my tears reading your story I know S Austin had a wonderful life with you and now you have wonderful memories.
    • AustinScooter's dad, Tue Nov 21 6:40am
      For us dog lovers there is no greater loss than when our beloved pup dies. Your note is hard to read through my tears. We all rue the day when we have to say goodbye to our pup. "It came to me that... more
    • AustinDborasch, Tue Nov 21 12:20am
      I️ am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Austin... what a wonderful life he had with you... and you got to keep him for such a good long time... I️ am sending hugs and love to you... more
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