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We're Here!
Mon Jul 2, 2018 3:26pm

Hi Everyone!!!

It's been a while, but we are doing good! Myka turned 8 on May 27th!! She is still my pretty, baby girl, spoiled, makes me laugh and still acts like a puppy!!

I hope this reaches Myka's sisters and friends, as I don't do Facebook...still old school.

Here are a couple photos of Myka! I hope it works!!

Love & Licks!!

Donna and Myka


She loves looking out of the window!


Looking pretty with her pose!

    • Re: We're Here!Pam, Sat Oct 6 2:58pm
      Hi girls
    • Re: We're Here!Sully Mahan, Tue Jul 3 6:04am
      Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
      • Thank you very much!Donna/Myka, Tue Jul 3 1:40pm
        What is your pup's name and how old is he or she? Do you have a photo? Thanks!
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