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Jeff King
Thu Aug 18, 2011 3:56pm

I attended 2nd-4th grade at Narimasu Elementary School in Grant Heights, Japan 1960-63, lived in Grant Heights and Momote Village during this time. I had Mrs. Fast for 3rd grade (I can't remember my 2nd grade teacher's name-but our classes were in the quonset buildings), I had Mr. Davis and Mrs. Comans for 4th grade. We, too, returned to the states after Japan.

  • Re: NarimasuConnie, Wed Aug 4 12:13pm
    I remember Mr. McGowen from Narimasu Elementary School at Grant Heights. He terrified me. I attended school there grades 3-6. All my teachers were very nice. Never made it to Drake for junior high as ... more
    • Narimasu — Jeff King, Thu Aug 18 3:56pm
      • Re: Narimasuconnie, Sun Nov 10 6:40pm
        Hi Jeff, I lived at Grant Heights and Momote Village 1959-1962. I also had Ms' Fast (3rd) and Coleman (4th) grades. I recall you from the group halloween pictures. Where do you reside now? Connie
        • NarimasuJeff King, Mon Nov 11 1:35am
          Hi Connie, Wow! I am living in Bellingham, WA. I teach psychology at Western Washington University. Do you have pictures? I have one posted on my facebook page (3rd grade). I can't post it here, but... more
          • helloConnie, Mon Nov 11 9:13am
            Hi Jeff, So nice to hear from you. I am currently residing in Orange County, CA. I am a Nurse Practitioner and have been in practice for many years in Southern California. I am originally from the... more
      • Re: NarimasuRandy, Tue Nov 5 6:01pm
        Lived in Momote Village from 59-60. Went to Narimasu Elem.for 6th grade, had Mr J. Klippensteen as my teacher. Huge theater and housing was all that was still in American hands. Sold comic books in... more
        • Momotee VillageEd York, Wed Nov 6 1:44pm
          Hey, Randy we too lives in Momotee Village at that time. I am Ed York and my wife was Carol Sweeitzer, We hung out at the Teen Club alot. Do you remember us?
      • Re: NarimasuAnonymous, Tue Jul 3 7:12pm
        was it Mr. Bottone in 2.grade?
        • NarimasuJeff King, Tue Jul 3 10:38pm
          Not Mr. Bottone. I had a female teacher. Our classes were in the metal buildings behind the school.
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