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Margaret Rogers
Camp Fuchinobe
Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:34pm

Hi Holle,
Yes, it was Camp Fuchinobe. You left Tachikawa right around the time that I started taking riding lessons at Fuchinobe! Midnight was my favorite when I first started. I also rode Shadow. I didn't know that he was such an amazing jumper. I don't recall any instructor by the name of Sgt. Pickle, but I can ask someone who knows a lot about the history of Fuchinobe. She would probably know about the other horses that you mentioned: Yoko and Leo.
Did you continue to ride when you returned to the US?
I have met quite a few former Fuchinobe riders. It is great because we have that common history related to the horses that we learned to ride on.
I also lived around Tachi and went to school on the base and later at Yamato High school.

  • Tachikawa: Camp Fuchinobe: Midnight Shadow Yoko LeoHolle Humphries, Wed Sep 20 8:01pm
    We were stationed at Tachikawa AB from 1959-1962. We first lived in a little compound of houses out in the country, until moving to a new house at the American Village housing unit, built next to... more
    • Leo, Sgt PickleDonna Haslett, Tue Nov 7 4:33pm
      I was there 57-60. Don't remember Yoko but do remember Leo, with the flaxen mane, right? Always went with his nose in the air. I remember lots of other horses. Maybe Yoko came along after we left. I... more
    • Camp Fuchinobe — Margaret Rogers, Wed Sep 20 11:34pm
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