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Donna Haslett
Leo, Sgt Pickle
Tue Nov 7, 2017 4:33pm

I was there 57-60. Don't remember Yoko but do remember Leo, with the flaxen mane, right? Always went with his nose in the air. I remember lots of other horses. Maybe Yoko came along after we left. I wonder if Sgt. Pickle is the same sergeant who led our group rides through the rice paddies at breakneck speeds. He broke his leg skiing. He came to our house for a party or two. My mom and sister rode, too. We gave our Japanese thoroughbred named Mariner to Numata-san when we left Japan.

  • Tachikawa: Camp Fuchinobe: Midnight Shadow Yoko LeoHolle Humphries, Wed Sep 20 8:01pm
    We were stationed at Tachikawa AB from 1959-1962. We first lived in a little compound of houses out in the country, until moving to a new house at the American Village housing unit, built next to... more
    • Leo, Sgt Pickle — Donna Haslett, Tue Nov 7 4:33pm
    • Camp FuchinobeMargaret Rogers, Wed Sep 20 11:34pm
      Hi Holle, Yes, it was Camp Fuchinobe. You left Tachikawa right around the time that I started taking riding lessons at Fuchinobe! Midnight was my favorite when I first started. I also rode Shadow. I... more
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