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Nagai Heights 1966 - 1970
Mon Apr 9, 2018 12:01pm

Larry and Dee Richardson lived in Nagai Heights from 1963 (I believe that was their first move) to 1970. I wrote 1966, as I was adopted into their family when I was five years old. Larry J. Richardson was out to sea six months of the year and came back for two weeks. Vicky Lynn Richardson was their biological daughter who was seven when I was adopted. Our neighbors were Louise and Chuck Vargo, though I cant remember the other neighbors name we played with. I remember school there and how we would go into the farmer's land and take their watermelon... we were a bit mischevious... and further back from the school if you went into the woods, there was a beach. Anyone remember us!? I remember Debbie DeMonte and Paul Hurdle (last name? spelled)/ I remember them, Paul liked Debbie, she has big green eyes and brown hair and Paul liked her and said I was ugly. haha. I remember this so clearly. Good time too. 1970 Dad was stationed in Pearl Harbor, we lived in Pearl City Hawaii for the next six years and then came back to Cincinnati Ohio, where my parents grew up. tami

    • Anyone remember Navy Basetami_wagner, Mon Apr 9 12:23pm
      In Yokuska... where they would stock the swimming pool with fish and you could catch your fish and take it to the restaurant next door and they cooked it for you? I remember!!! I also remember, the... more
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