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joseph babos
Miho Air Base
Sun Sep 16, 2007 9:48pm (XFF:,

I was there in 1951-52 as a member of the US air force. I was ground crew repairing mostly B-26 bombers. It was good duty, considering that the Korean War was going on at the time. I see that there are commercial flights out of there now but I wonder if there is still military there and if so; is it US or Japanese?

Let me know if you can shed any light on anything connected with this base. Thanks.

  • Miho, Tottori-kenWilliam Winston, Thu Jun 28 5:45pm
    I lived at Miho AFB from 1953-1955. Was anyone else out there at Miho? I think the base has a short life-span. When I got there, we had a one-room school with 11 grades, because we didn't have an... more
    • Re: Miho, Tottori-kenAnonymous, Mon Dec 19 6:59pm
      I was there at exactly the same time. My father was an air traffic controller. I think that he was a Tec. Sargent at the time. His name is Leroy Bruha. My name is David Bruha. My sister, Mary Ann,... more
    • My memoriesLee Weems, Thu Nov 24 5:44pm
      Father was Sgt. John Weems, lived there 1953-54. Lived off base and remember many parachutes and planes. Began school at the base one room school.
    • Re: Miho, Tottori-kenB.G.BATTY, Wed May 8 1:59pm
      I was stationed at Miho AFB 1953-1955.I was dock chief in aircraft Maintenance on the B-26 Aircraft.MYcrew were Japanese and we were required to fly the test flight after maintenance was... more
      • Winfred HamptonWayne Hampton, Tue Mar 24 11:24am
        My father Winfred Hampton had been a B-25 pilot for the North African Campaign. He was later called back to serve in Miho Airbase during the Korean War. He is deceased now and I am wondering if... more
      • Miho/EglinWilliam Winston, Mon Dec 23 11:12am
        Yep. We moved to Destin from Miho, when Destin was a nifty, small fishing village. It's different now. sigh
    • Re: Miho, Tottori-kenAnonymous, Wed May 8 1:57pm
      I was stationed at Miho AFB 1953-1955.I was dock chief in aircraft Maintenance on the B-26 Aircraft.MYcrew were Japanese and we were required to fly the test flight after maintenance was... more
    • MIHO IN THE MID=50'sSerena Heald Holder, Sat Aug 20 10:12pm
      Yes William!!! I was at Miho the same time you were!! My father was Msgt Charlie Heald and he managed the NCO club among other things. We lived off base in Sakai for a couple of years and then moved... more
      • Miho: 1953-1955William Winston, Mon Dec 23 11:10am
        Hi, Serena, Sorry to be 2 years getting back to you. I kept coming back to this site for a while, then gave up. My dad was a dentist at Miho and we lived by the crash boat station on a cul-de-sac... more
    • Miho Air Base — joseph babos, Sun Sep 16 9:48pm
      • Miho 1955Anne Martin, Sat Jun 20 5:08pm
        My daddy, SSgt. Donald E. Kunzler, was stationed at Miho AFB in 1955. We lived off-base close to the beach. We weren't there very long before moving to Itazuke. AFB in 1956. Dioes anyone remember my... more
      • Miho Air BaseDave Lower, Thu Dec 26 1:08pm
        Were you in the 452nd Bomb Wing with that rear echelon maintenance outfit at Miho? It was run by Lt. Ed Whaley and M/Sgt Earl Leonard. I know both of them I was with the original bunch of 452nd that... more
      • Reunion, Jack Daniels, Thu Oct 17 10:40am
        Joe: the 51st Mainco has had a reunion every year for the past decade and more. If you are interested let me know. Jack
        • Reunionrichardsae, Fri Jul 21 3:47pm
          Does it include the REMCO?
      • 1952-1955john w wilson , Tue Jul 23 12:18pm
        as an E5 got to miho in mar 52 in a year was the mess SGT for the big double wing mess hall- I had wonderful Japanese cooks and waitress working for me with their help we made it one of the better... more
        • Re: 1952-1955Anonymous, Thu Nov 20 9:38pm
          Do you remember a Loyd Hughes?
      • Mihoj williams, Tue May 29 10:15am
        I was stationed there 1952-53 as a Control Tower Operator...
        • Win HamptonWayne Hampton, Tue Mar 24 11:39am
          Did you know my Dad, Winfred C Hampton? (Captain B-25 )
      • My dad at Miho 7/53 to 55?John Skillman, Wed Sep 14 9:07am
        My father was 2nd Lt John Skillman (now deceased)with the 17th Bomb wing at Miho from mid 1953 on for 1 to 2 years I belive. He was an armaments officer. I recently went through his old slides which... more
        • Miho Air Base slidesWilliam Winston, Wed Jun 7 10:37am
          I'd be very interested in seeing your slides from Miho.
          • Miho picturesJohn Skillman, Thu Jul 20 8:50am
            William, I will need to send you an invitation by email to view the two photo albums that are uploaded on Please send your e-mail and I'll get that started.You don't need to buy... more
        • photosLyndy, Thu Nov 20 9:43pm
          I'd love to see them
          • Re: photosjohn skillman, Fri Nov 21 7:35am
            the linkto my e-mail is my name above the reply
          • Miho, K-9 & Hurlbutt FieldJohn Skillman, Fri Nov 21 7:30am
            Lyndy, They are a mix of pictures not in any order copied from slides. They are on a snapfish website so I can e-mail you an invitation to view them. Please reply with your e-mail here or to me... more
            • Miho AFBSerena Heald Holder, Fri Nov 21 11:57pm
              John, Did you live on the Miho AFB in Japan? What years? We lived in Sakai for 2 years (1955-1957) then moved on base in 1958 for a few months before coming back stateside. Would love to hear more... more
              • Miho NoJohn Skillman, Mon Nov 24 5:57pm
                Soory Serena, Only my father was ther in the 50's
                • Miho AFBSerena Heald Holder, Mon Nov 24 10:56pm
                  Thanks for the reply John! We were there for a few years and I'd LOVE to find anyone I was there with but I can't for the life of me remember a single name! I had a little friend who had really pale... more
            • photosLyndy, Fri Nov 21 8:54am
     Thank you
              • picturesJohn Skillman, Mon Nov 24 6:08pm
                Lyndy, Two e-mails should be on there way. If you want copies of any photo on particular I can send you a digital copy. John
                • photosLyndy, Mon Nov 24 6:09pm
                  Thank you
        • Miho AB picturesJohn Skillman, Thu Sep 15 8:07pm
          Hi Serena, I'm glad to hear somebady wants to see the pics. I have a collection of approximately 3 slide trays worth digitized. Some are of parties at a club(probably officers club)many of the... more
          • Miho photosWilliam Winston, Mon Dec 23 11:17am
            John, I'd also be interested to see the photos. Dad was an officer and I remember good times at the Officers' Club. William Winston
            • Miho picturesJohn Skillman, Thu Dec 26 7:35am
              William, Please send me your e-mail directly to so I can forward you an invitation from where I have the pictures posted. The photos are mixed Japan & Korea from 1953... more
          • experienceAnonymous, Mon Sep 23 3:40am
            I came across your page accidentally, just wanted to mention I was at miho Air Force Base 1952-53 was in a supply outfit, assigned a weapons carrier, I would occasionally fly C47 to Korea to... more
            • RE: experienceJohn Skillman, Mon Sep 23 4:51pm
              Robert, Thanks for your service. My dad took a couple shots of a C-47 I think at K-9. In one photo it shows the pilot inspecting the tail but no crew members. If you want to see some photos let me... more
          • Miho base & K-9 baseJohn Skillman, Thu Sep 15 8:12pm
            the correct link
        • Miho Mid-50's SlidesSerena Heald Holder, Thu Sep 15 1:09pm
          Hi John... I would love to see your photos/slides. I also have many of my dad's slides. Many of them taken at events/parties at the NCO Club with many other unidentified folks. Maybe you'd know some... more
        • Dad in Miho 1952 -1954Laura Sorenson Perritt, Thu Sep 15 9:55am
          My dad was also in Miho - CAPT Sidney D Sorenson, I also have several photos. He was there from 26 Feb 52 to 8 Oct 54. He was the Detachment Commander for the 6l27th ATGp.
      • Miho in the early 50'sSerena Heald Holder, Sat Aug 20 10:00pm
        Hello, Joseph. My father was actually ordered to Korea but in mid-sea he was taken to Miho in 1953 and my mother and I joined him several months later. My Miho (Sakai) years were some of my most... more
      • Miho lifeLee Weems, Mon Mar 28 4:50pm
        My father Sgt. John Weems was stationed at Miho AFB 1953-55 as an aircraft mechanic. I started school in the one room place. My brother John was in the second and third grade, I was in the first and... more
        • MIHO AT THE SAME TIME!!Serena Heald Holder, Sat Aug 20 10:18pm
          Hi there, Lee! I was also in the first grade through the 4th grade on base at Miho! The same years you were!! Your dad would have worked with mine, Msgt Charlie Heald. He managed the NCO club when he ... more
      • Miho AFBRay C. Noll III, Wed Jun 23 10:38am
        Joseph- You served with my father, second Lt. Ray C. Noll Jr., of Pleasant Gap, PA. "REMCO Keeps Them Flying!" Officers were allowed to have their wives there and my mother joined him in 1952. I was... more
        • Ray C. NollClyde Kobberdahl at Naples, FL, Thu Sep 16 6:40pm
          AMAZING HOW I HAPPENED TO FIND THIS. It appears that I am now attempting to communicate with Ray C. Noll, Jr. Having served at K-9 airbase in Korea in 52, and having made a few trips to MIHO, I... more
          • Re: Ray C. NollConnie , Sun Sep 19 9:25pm
            no offense, but got to Oji Camp and Narimasu in early 1959. where was Mihu?
            • Re: Ray C. NollAnonymous, Sun Sep 19 9:26pm
              opps... Miho
              • Mihojohn skillman, Tue Sep 27 9:49pm
                Miho was in SW Japan on the Sea of Japan, this link has a map. John
          • Miho AFB & K-9 1952Ray C. Noll, Jr. Lt. USAFR, Sun Sep 19 4:22pm
            Clyde, Ray 3rd said he found your information on a website called "Japan Brats" which he definitely was. Ray 3rd was born on July 25, l953 as a result of his mother, Eva Noll being in Japan at Miho... more
          • LT. Ray C. Noll Jr.Ray C. Noll III, Chestertown, MD, Thu Sep 16 9:44pm
            Hi Clyde, I am actually Ray C. Noll III, the last, as the dynasty ends with me, and my two daughters, adopted from Seoul, Korea. I am sure Dad would love to hear from you, though he will be visiting... more
      • Miho JapanLinda Morgan , Tue Aug 11 4:07pm
        Oh my Gosh my stomach is a twitter with excitement at finding people who were at Miho when I was. My Dad was MSGT Loyd R Hughes and we lived on the base from around 1953 to 1957. We were at Itazuki... more
        • Air raid drill at MihoWilliam Winston, Wed Jun 7 10:46am
          I remember going to the bomb shelter near our house. There was a really fat sergeant who walked back and forth, looking official, in the shelter, during the drill. He evaporated any tension.
        • Miho Air Raid DrillsWilliam Winston, Mon Dec 23 11:26am
          I remember the air raid drills and a very fat sargeant strutting inside the shelter - which took the edge off the tension. Almost 20 years later, I lived in a town in Oklahoma and heard - for the... more
        • bob caneanon, Tue Jan 10 5:35pm
          i knew a bob cane in vacaville ca travis air force base
        • Miho Mid-50's Serena Heald Holder, Thu Sep 15 1:12pm
          Hi Linda! We had to have been in Miho at the SAME TIME! My dad was also a MSGT and ran the NCO club. I was in school there. We arrived with I was 5, left when I was that's the grades I... more
        • MIHO AT THE SAME TIME!!!Serena Heald Holder, Sat Aug 20 10:07pm
          Linda.... I was also at Miho AT THE EXACT SAME TIME!! Are you referring to the NCO Club when you talk about your mom being Minnie Pearl??? My dad, Msgt Charlie Heald managed the NCO Club during those ... more
      • Miho Air BaseTerry Popravak, Thu Sep 27 9:23am
        Sir, Miho AB is a Japanese air base these days. According to the Wikipedia entry on the Japan Air Self Defense Force, Miho AB belongs to the JASDF's Air Support Command, and is the home of the 3rd... more
        • 6135thjohnw w wilson ret E8, Fri May 17 7:31pm
          arrived Miho mar 1952 left Oct 1955 arrive as first cook at the Dining hall- was a 23 year old NCOIC in 1953. with help of a lot of Good Japanese people (Matsumoto-Kawamuko-Yonemura) we had one of... more
          • Waitress still have a menu from thanksgiving.richardsae, Fri Jul 21 3:52pm
            I REMEMBER A WAITRESS "cleatrack" who through my roommate Bootinaro right through the glass doors where he landed close to the little fish pond! He never gave her any sass after that! 53-54 Art... more
            • Re: Waitress still have a menu from thanksgiving.richardsae, Fri Jul 21 4:14pm
              Apr 53apr54 Dock 2 hanger one then to hanger two Dock Chief #1 Lots to tell to an open ear! Some good others sad! Just came across this site WONDERFUL ! Happy days here and gone!
      • Miho, Tottori-kenWilliam Winston, Mon Sep 17 4:29am
        As I understand it, Miho had a fairly short life-span as an USAFB. It's now the Yonago Airport, even though it's in Sakaiminato, and the Japanese Defense Force also runs it. I've seen a satillite... more
        • miho air basejcbabos, Wed Oct 3 9:41am
          I lived on base for one year during the Korean war. This was in 1951-52.
    • Miho AFBBob Armstrong, Fri Sep 14 11:12pm
      I also lived at Miho AFB from 1953-1954+1/2 I do remember out small school. I would love to share e-mails with you so as to share memories.
      • Miho in the 50'sSerena Heald Holder, Tue Oct 25 1:06am
        Hello Bob, I have posted several responses to people on the Miho site and I'm pretty sure that I've written to you previously but have never gotten any responses. I'm not sure that anyone is getting... more
      • Miho AFBKay Rodrigues, Wed Nov 7 11:58pm
        I went to school at Miho AFB in 1951. The school had two rooms and one teacher. The school only went to the 7th grade (I was one of few 7th graders). There were little more than a dozen military... more
        • MihoBob Armstrong, Thu Nov 8 8:28pm
          I also lived at Miho AFB from 1953-1954+1/2 I do remember our small school. I would love to share e-mails with you so as to share memories. I was 10 years old when we got to Miho, my sister was 15.... more
          • Re: MihoKay R, Thu Nov 8 9:00pm
            Yes, and I remember, when I was there, the NCO Club maneger, a SGT White, who helped our family out when the Army messed up paperwork on the allotment. I also remember Yonago, the nearby town. When I ... more
            • Re: MihoBob Armstrong, Thu Nov 8 10:07pm
              In 1953, my dad (Master Sargeant John H. Armstrong ) was the maneger of the NCO club, plus work at Base supply during the day. One night at the NCO club, I won the Bingo jack pot ($500.00) the next... more
              • I WAS IN MIHO THEN, TOO!Serena Heald Holder, Sat Aug 20 10:30pm
                Hi Bob, I am going nuts on this site tonight trying to connect with all you 'kids' who were at Miho the same time I was! The ironic thing is MY FATHER managed the NCO Club while we were there, too!... more
        • Miho AFBMichele Shields, Thu Nov 8 5:56pm
          My dad was Sgt. Marsh, Army Combat Engineers, at Miho in 1951. I remember the 2 room school with only 1-6 in each class; Miss Borgan was the teacher. My brother Douglas was in 1st grade with maybe a... more
          • Miho AFBMichele Shields, Sun Nov 11 8:19pm
            It appears that my previous post contained some inaccuracies. Dad was actually stationed at Camp McGill, near Yokosuka, and our family was sent to temporary housing at Miho for a few months in... more
          • Camp McGillAnonymous, Sun Nov 11 6:56pm
            Wow finally someone in here mentioned Camp McGill. My family lived in Hayama in 1950 and 1951. My father was stationed at Camp McGill. He left for Korea in July, 1950, and was KIA in Korea in March,... more
            • camp mcgillharry conrad, Thu Apr 24 11:01pm
              I was stationed t here 52-54 with 56th amphibious tank and tractor battalion. we took LSTs from Yokosuka to Korea. I also drove jeep to Yokohama and Tokyo and made trips to officers homes at... more
              • Camp McgillBetty Allen, Fri Apr 25 7:21am
                Harry Conrad, It is always good to read comments from someone who was at Camp McGill around the time I was there. You mentioned officers homes at Admiralty Heights and I wondered where Admiralty... more
            • Camp McGillMichele Shields, Sun Nov 11 8:29pm
              I was in the 4th and 5th grade at Admirality Heights, the dependent area for Camp McGill, in 1953 and 1954. My sister was in the 7th & 8th; brother Doug was in 1st & 2nd; and sister Valerie was a... more
              • Camp McGillDale W. McSwain, Sun Oct 25 3:51pm
                Hi Michele, Arrived Yokohama 6/53 and lived off-base in Tokyo the first half of our 14 wonderful months in Japan. My father Army M/SGT Herman McSwain returned to Japan early 1954 and along my mother... more
              • Camp McGillDon De La Cerna, Wed Feb 26 8:59am
                I was dependent living in Admiralty Heights 1952-1953 and I attended Yokohama High School while in the ninth grade. We commuted everyday via an Army bus from Camp McGill thru Yokosuka, Zushi,... more
                • Admiralty Heights 1952-53Rod Byholm, Wed Dec 6 5:07pm
                  I lived there and attended the elementary school. I was in first and second grades. Used to wallk down the dirt road to the beach and buy firecrackers from a mamason. Bamboo forest was a hit too. Our ... more
                • Camp McGillBetty Allen, Thu Feb 27 9:05pm
                  My family lived in Hayama from April, 1950 to April, 1951. My oldest sister attended Yokohoma High. I was in nursery school at Camp McGill and my middle sister went to first grade on base. I would... more
              • Camp McGillLarry Ross, Thu Jul 30 6:22pm
                How great finding info about Camp McGill! I was there from 1955-1957 when my dad was stationed in Yokosuka. We lived in the civilian community between Camp McGill and Hayama. The area was called... more
                • Camp McGilljuneau1947, Fri Apr 25 10:43am
                  Hi Larry, My sister, Margie, would have been in 2nd-4th grades for 1957-1958 years at Admiralty Heights School. I still have class photos for 2 years. I was in 4th-6th grades then. Mrs. Meriwether... more
                • Camp McGill Elementary SchollRick Harsen, Thu Dec 27 11:05pm
                  Larry: I attended elementary scholl at Camp McGill from 1956-1958. We lived in Hayama and were neighbors of the Stewarts. I remember singing the Yellow Rose of Texas at a school play. If you receive... more
                  • Admiralty Heights SchoolStu Sibitzky, Mon Mar 25 8:45pm
                    This has to be Rick whos dad was navy and friends of the Simmons family.
                    • Yokosuka, Japan 1956-1960Rick Harsen, Tue Mar 26 12:09pm
                      Stu: Yes, my parents (Margaret and Kirk) were friends of the Simmons. Did you live in Japan during the years of 1956-1960? Summary while living in Japan (1956-1960) * Lived off base in Hayama... more
                  • Camp McGillBetty Allen, Thu Dec 27 11:50pm
                    Hello Rick. I read your message to Larry and since you are one of the few people on here who has mentioned Camp McGill and Hayama, I just had to write you. My family lived in Hayama from April, 1950... more
                • Camp McGillRichard Kuwitzky, Sun Mar 13 7:36pm
                  I too was in the second and third grade at camp McGill and lived in Admiralty Heights. My dad was a navy chief at the time.I was there in 1955-1956 then moved to Yokosuka Navy base and came home in... more
                  • Camp McGillBetty Allen, Tue Mar 15 12:31pm
                    It is great to see a couple of other comments about Camp McGill. That was where my dad was stationed from '49 to the start of the Korean War in '50. Daddy was kia in Korea in March, 1951. My family... more
                    • admiralty heightsTom Hamerly , Thu Sep 22 4:05pm
                      It is great to hear about Camp McGill. I was there from 1956 until 1959. I spent my early teens 10-13 running around the heights. We lived in a place called Akia before we moved up to the heights. I... more
                    • Your home by the beachMike Kennedy, Wed Mar 16 12:19am
                      Betty, The place where you lived by the emperor's summer home in Japan is most likely Hayama. Hayama is the beach area near Kamakura and Zushi on the Miura penninsula about 30 miles from Yokohama and ... more
                  • Camp McGillsdpadresfan, Sun Mar 13 7:52pm
                    Hi Richard, You're the first one to ever reply to my post. I was beginning to think that nobody else from those days was on this site. We arrived in Japan in Dec. 1955 and I came into the second... more
                • admirality heights/ nagai heightssurfvwib, Fri Jul 31 7:19pm
                  My brothers Larry and Steve and myself lived there in 61-64. We loved it there . Camp McGill was JDF but,the 1st Cav gate was still the main gate.We met a JDF soldier and went on the base. JDF did... more
                  • I remember you, Donmike reed, Sun Mar 30 12:56pm
                    Hi Don. You and I were good friends back when we lived in Nagai Heights. We were in the same class at school. We did a lot of fun and crazy things. Remember Monkey Island? and Frenchy? I remember... more
                    • familiar nameCarolyn Myers, Thu Dec 17 3:04pm
                      I lived in Japan from 1959 to 1962. We lived in a house at the beach, then at Admiralty (Nagai) Heights, then the base. I went to Sullivans School, then Callaghan School, then back to Sullivans. I... more
                  • Nagai HeightsChris, Mon Oct 24 2:52pm
                    We lived in Nagai Heights from Jun 60 to Jun 64. My dad was in the Navy and worked at Camp McGill. Some of my friends were Susan, Gaye, Claire..just to name some. Had great times there.
            • Oops!Betty Allen, Sun Nov 11 6:57pm
              I didn't mean to be anonymous in my post about Camp McGill! Guess I was just so excited to see it mentioned that I failed to include my name.
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