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mutsumi dai kid 2
Fri Jun 13, 2008 9:27pm (XFF:,

I was there at that time too. actually 58 to 61. what's your name? I don't know why this site rejected your request to join. I went back and lived in japan from 1980 to 1982. Mutsumi dai now has huge apartments where the houses were and Grant Heights is a park. Only thing recognizable was the baseball fields and the back gate and one street sign. Kind of eerie. write me.

  • mutsumi dai kidprairiefemme, Mon Mar 17 1:17pm
    I lived in Tokyo from 1957 - 1960. My dad was in the AF and attached to the Military Advisory Group (MAAG-J)to the Self Defense Forces, so we lived in the special MAAG-J housing at Mutsumi Dai. This... more
    • Re: mutsumi dai kidStan horne, Sun Feb 8 10:31am
      I was between the age of 4-6 when I lived in mutsumi dai. The years were 1962-1965. Iremember a lot of good times. My brothers names were gene and Jim. I have a sister named Marianne. My dads name... more
      • Mutsumi Dairobert.damico, Mon Feb 9 7:26am
        Rob Damico here - in MD from 1962-66; went to St. Mary's, Drake and Narimasu. Had a big family then - 8 kids so we certainly had one or two who were your age. Funny how potent those memories were!... more
    • mutsumi dai kid 2 — Von, Fri Jun 13 9:27pm
      • MutsuminDai 1958-1961john stinchfield, Tue Oct 24 8:44pm
        First time looking up Mutsumi Dai Lived in unit 29 First time looking up Mutsumi Dai. Lived in unit 29-A from 1958 to 1961 (10 to 13 years old)..any old friends around??
        • Mutsumi DaiDonna Haslett, Tue Nov 7 4:28pm
          We were there at the same time (57-60) in 34-C. Did you have a sister named Shanna? She was one of my best friends. I don't remember you, though, probably because at that age we didn't mess with boys!
          • Re: Mutsumi Daijohn stinchfield, Tue Nov 7 4:36pm
            Yes Donna - my older sister, Shanna, is now Shanna Sullivan and lives in South Carolina and Connecticut.
      • Re: mutsumi dai kid 2NDame, Sun Jul 23 7:23am
        Actually, our dates were 60-63. Casualty of getting older...
      • Re: mutsumi dai kid 2N Dame, Sat Jul 22 8:43pm
        My family was there from 62 through 65. An older brotheth and sister and younger brother. Attended Grant Heights elementary for 5th grade and then Camp Drake for 6th? & 7th. Beloved memories at the... more
      • Mutsumi Dai - Facebook page!David Collett, Mon Oct 15 12:38am
        Hi to all the Mutsumians here! If you haven't already done so, please join our Mutsumi Dai Facebook page: We hope to see you there! David
      • Mutsumi Dai /Camp Drake Jr. HighMary Logan Young, Sun Oct 14 9:30pm
        I also live at Mutsumi Dai from 01/1957 to 8/1959. Loved every minute and still often remember the wonderful friends and fun times I had living in Japan. I attended Camp Drake for the 6-8th grades.
      • Re: mutsumi dai kid 2Carina, Tue Apr 26 9:47pm
        I lived in Mutsumi dai in 1960 to 1961. Went to the Sacred Heart School. Lived in a 4 plex with Eileen Head, Jill and her brother and sister, and Mary and her big brother. Carina
        • Mutsumi Dai kid 2Thomas Boorman, Wed Jul 27 12:22pm
          Hi Carina! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember you living in 36D the unit right above us. You could look out your back windows and see the gate to Grant Heights. We lived in 36B and after you... more
          • Re: Mutsumi Dai kid 2Anonymous, Thu Mar 2 11:48pm
            Hi Mike, yes, we lived above you. We used to play together ! I was so sad when we left Mutsumi Dai. I have great memories of that one short year. How is Jill and where is she? Where do you live?... more
            • Re: Mutsumi Dai kid 2Anonymous, Sat Mar 25 6:23pm
              Jill is living in the Denver area, doing fine. I'm in New Mexico of all places, just retired from the Lab. I really enjoyed Japan, and have a lot of memories. Carina, where are you and how are you... more
              • Mutsumi DaiCarina K Moravec, Mon Mar 27 8:27pm
                I tried to post a photo from Mutsumi Dai, but it wouldn't post.
              • Re: Mutsumi Dai kid 2Anonymous, Mon Mar 27 11:06am
                Hi Mikey ( that's what we called you in Japan...:-). ) I'm in the Seattle area. I'm a nurse practitioner at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. We have 2 kids. Both are back living with us. One... more
      • Mutsumi DaiSteve Bence, Tue Sep 23 6:17pm
        I lived in Japan from 1956-1960. Not sure how much of that time was in Mutsumi Dai. I was in Kindergarten only and started 1st grade after we moved back to the States.
        • Mutsumi DaiDoug Webster, Thu Jun 23 9:24pm
          Not sure if I posted before or not, but I lived there '69 to '72 and '73 in remaining Grant Heights. Looking to locate others who attended Drake or Narimasu at the same time frame. Many of us are on... more
        • Photos & friends from Mutsumi Dai?dcollett.seattle, Fri Apr 29 4:16pm
          Hi, everyone. Our family lived at 30C Mutsumi Dai from 1967-1969. I went to Narimasu HS. Does anyone have any photos of Mutsumi Dai that they can share with me? My 91-y.o. mother is trying to... more
          • Mutsumi DaiLebo, Sat Dec 29 10:53am
            Hi David, We lived in MD from 65-68. My sisters, Marsheine and Deborah, and I (Jim) remember you guys and are trying to piece together our memories. Newman is our last name. You had a brother, right? ... more
            • Jim! I don't believe it!dcollett.seattle, Sun Dec 30 6:44am
              Remember you!?!? Of course, Jim! I even asked many people on the Mutsumi Dai site ( ) if they had your email! Do you remember that your family was our host ... more
          • I don't know if these sights will help you much, but at the very least they have some photos and are interesting. more
            • Thanks!dcollett.seattle, Sat Apr 30 3:58pm
              Hi, Bob. Thanks very much for the links! It's great to see any photos of Mutsumi Dai and Grant Heights. David
              • linksbob, Sat Apr 30 4:20pm
                my pleasure, glad i could help. i was at kanto mura when i was a kid from '68 to '71 and i wish i had more photo's from there. unfortunately when my mom divorced my stepdad he kept them all. what a... more
    • Lived in Mutsumi DaiBrad Jones, Wed Jun 11 3:44pm
      Hi I lived at Mutsumi Dai from 1960-1963. I attended Narimasu elementary school and also Camp Drake Elementary for the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. I loved the whole experience as most kids that lived... more
      • Drake Elem teacherRita, Wed Apr 27 8:45pm
        HI, I was in 3rd grade at Drake Elementary in 1953. Do you remember the name of your 3rd grade teacher? Thanks,
      • Yes, we loved Mutsumi DaiDonna Haslett, Mon Jun 16 11:59am
        My mom and dad almost divorced over him accepting the assignment to Japan but once we got there she got to liking having a full-time maid, the wonderful Yumiko, who raised us kids more than mom did... more
        • MBLMCNEE, Fri Apr 17 3:10pm
          Yes I lived there 60-63 loved it didn't want to leave. Felt like home
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