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Chloe Jareau
Depends on what they are.
Sat Jun 15, 2013 21:39

Chloe could recognize sarcasm when it came out so straightforward to her. If one was subtle and hid it behind something like a compliment, she probably could have missed it, but she picked up on his easily enough. She was not offended though. She had just run into him and knocked him down accidentally. That certainly wasn’t the best first impression she could make and her dad says first impressions mattered with people. She couldn’t say for certain whether or not she would have been upset at someone for running into her, but that was probably because she had done it so often that she’d laugh it off. Even in flying lessons, she had run into someone. Well, nearly. Viktor didn’t seem to like it much either.

“Oh, I’m fine.” Chloe commented as she pushed herself up from the ground and dusted off her robes. She pulled at her blonde pony-tail, tightening it once more. “My dad says I have a knack for finding myself on the ground.” She joked, checking her legs to make sure she hadn’t scraped herself. The scenery may be fake as the Professor had said, but the ground was still a ground. She had several scars on her legs from plenty of falls in her day, so being scraped up didn’t bother her, but she didn’t want it to be something worse either. Finding no scrapes or scratches, Chloe returned her attention to the boy.

“How have you done so far on the assignment?” Chloe asked. “My brother and I, we’ve found like four things. Right Emery?” Chloe exclaimed, turning to her brother only to find that he was no longer near her. He must have continued on when she ran after the butterfly. “Oh…” She said to the empty air. Not fazed by this, she returned her smile to the boy. “Well, I still have my copy. Anyway, I’m Chloe Jareau, I’m sorry for running into you. It probably wasn’t the greatest way to meet someone knew and my dad says making an impression counts, so hopefully I didn’t make too terrible of one with you.” She was rambling. That was something Chloe always did. She rambled. She took a deep breath to stop herself though before she began to truly annoy the boy with whom she was probably already walking the line with.

“Is this a fun lesson or what?” Chloe asked him. “I never would have expected a class lesson like this here! Especially not for Potions.”

  • But not other kinds?Malcolm Carey, Pecari, Thu Jun 13 22:11
    The summer had been strange for Mal. For the first time in his life, as far as he could remember, anyway, he had not been the center of attention at home. His mother had been so delighted with what... more
    • Depends on what they are. — Chloe Jareau, Sat Jun 15 21:39
      • How do you feel about word searches?Mal Carey, Wed Jun 19 18:59
        The girl did not appear to be injured, and Mal did not believe he or his clothes had been permanently injured, so all was well that ended well. Except that it hadn’t ended yet. Well, he never had... more
        • I'm better at those than this.Chloe, Wed Jul 3 15:52
          Well, so far Malcolm did not seem terribly upset at her for knocking him over. That was good. And he didn’t seem perturbed by the encounter to consider it a terrible first impression. That was a... more
          • They can both be hard to see throughMal, Fri Jul 12 22:16
            Mal resisted the temptation to tell Chloe to feel free to fall into anyone else she liked. With most people, he would have gone ahead and done it, but she was possibly related to the Headmistress.... more
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