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Irina Volkov, Aladren
Or maybe under the bear?
Mon Jun 17, 2013 21:25

Potions was the class that Irina was looking forward to most. She had already read browsed through the book and loved how everything was neatly listed. It was all very straightforward. Plus, she had already met Professor Fawcett since he was Aladrenís Head of House. He had seemed like a very nice, but no nonsense sort of person and that was the sort of person she could deal with since she was so serious herself. She never understood those that just wanted to have fun. Werenít they worried about their futures? Of course, she wasnít considering the fact that she was slightly neurotic for an eleven year old, but then her mom used to say that she had been born forty.

Maybe not having her mom was why she didnít really get into clothing like some other girls seemed to do, but then, she was all about function over fashion. Today, she was wearing another one of her plaid skirts. This one was black and white with bits of gray and she had opted for a crisp white button down. Her blonde hair was braided so that she didnít have to worry about any stray hairs causing any issue if they were going to be working with potions. All in all, it was a very sensible outfit.

Being so sensible, everything she did followed that pattern. She pulled out the folder that was specifically for this class along with all of her quills and inks. She only used self-inking quills when forced to. Otherwise, she liked the feel of dipping the quill into the ink. It made everything seem more adult. Once she was organized, she sat with her hands folded, waiting for the class to begin. She didnít have to wait long before there was a syllabus flying to her desk. Awesome! This class was definitely turning out to be more than she expected. She was pleased to find that they had an outline for everything they would be doing so there wouldnít be any surprises and she nodded when he mentioned about safety. It was very important to be safe when dealing with such materials. She hoped the rest of her classmates realized this.

Wait, what? She had been with him up to the point of their CATS. Irina understood the importance of doing well on tests. They were what got one to the next point, but why were they leaving the classroom all of a sudden? Had that been on the syllabus? Panicked, she skimmed down through it. She didnít like suddenness. She would have been fine with the lesson if it had been announced today that they would do it next class. That would have been preferred, but she couldnít exactly go up to the professor and tell him to change his lesson. Sighing, she tucked the syllabus and other materials away in order to follow. She was less than thrilled, but she reasoned with herself that they did need ingredients.

The Aladren followed along with the rest of the class to a portrait in the Hall. If one had read about the school, then they would have already known that the portrait kept record of their points. However, she didnít know it housed a room behind it and she certainly didnít like the look of that vortex. Why couldnít it have just been a normal door? Why did it have to look like something that was going to suck her in and never let her out? Sighing even more, she took her turn up to the plate and stepped through. She felt slightly disoriented on the other side, but none the worse for wear.

Getting to work, she located a couple of the easier plants and was working through her list when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Jumping slightly, she turned to see a boy. Before she could say anything, he was talking about how to wake up a sleeping bear. Her blue eyes glanced over to where he was pointing. ďYou arenít supposed to wake a sleeping bear,Ē she said matter-of-factly. ďIf you did so in real life, it would maul you to death. But I guess since this isnít real, why donít you find some honey and see if the bear is hungry enough to move towards the honey? Or if you feel really brave, you could poke it with a stick.Ē She knew she was being a little sarcastic, but it was not a smart idea to wake a sleeping bear in any case and it just wasnít in her nature to entertain questions she found to be lacking.

Attempting to be nicer, she added more kindly, ďI still donít recommend it though. Why donít you just finish the rest of the list and whatever one you are left with is the one that was under the bear? Or get the professor?Ē This made more sense than trying to mess around with a bear.

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