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Ava Fletcher, Aladren
Re: Taking the academic approach
Tue Jun 18, 2013 22:00

Ava had been excited for her first day of Potions class. During her talk with Alicia at the Welcoming Feast she had found out that not only was Potions something essential to becoming a Healer like her mother (a requirement Ava had vaguely known already) but their Head of House was also the Potions Master. When Professor Fawcett had taken the first years to the Aladren common room for the first time Ava had decided he was someone to look up to and trust- something she'd have to do any way as he was her head of house. So naturally she'd been excited for the first day wondering what he'd be like as a teacher.

Unfortunately her first day of Potions took a turn for the worse when she misplaced her entire school bag. Ava had had to tear through her trunk, her bedding and the area all around it searing for the beaten-up thing before remembering that she had probably left it in the common room near the bookshelf that contained the book about Healing. She had been reading it the night before and once notified the time by a quick glance at her watch whilst turning the page she had most likely left the bag on the floor in her hurry to put away the book and get into bed. Sure enough when Ava tore out of the room to the common room she found it sitting there as innocently as could be. She cursed her forgetfulness once again as it had undoubtedly made her late for her first class. Luckily though, she didn't get lost on her way as she'd run into an older student in her rush down to the Potions room and slipped into the class about half a minute before it was to start. She took the first open seat she saw and sat down in it heavily as she tried to regulate her breathing. She gladly took the syllabus when it was handed to her, grateful for something to doodle on- her quill was so much quieter to take out of her bag than parchment and so she'd only managed to grab that before the Professor had started talking. As Professor Fawcett introduced his class she half listened-half read the syllabus while absentmindedly underlining certain parts she found important and doodling flowers in the margins.

When the entire class got up together to leave the room, she was snapped out of her trance and hastily jumped to her feet to follow them out. The portrait of the house points keeper interested Ava. She wondered why he was the one chosen for the job and made a mental note to herself to research him once she had some free time. The Mirage Chamber that Professor Fawcett introduced awed her and she was curious if it was open to students outside of class. If it was then would she be able to conjure up a place similar to the Northwest coast that she so dearly missed? Ava shrugged her shoulders to herself and started working on finding the ingredients once Professor Fawcett gave her the go-ahead.

As her eyes scanned over the list she thought about different ways to start the assignment. She could either get her book out and use that as a reference or she could try and work from memory on what she'd seen in her mother's kit when she was home. Ava frowned in thought as she strained to think back to the last time her mother's potion kit had been out while visiting but she came up with nothing. Instead she decided to go off of base knowledge. Holly, nettles, daisy, mosses, and lavender would be easy enough to find on her own she decided. She seen all of them growing in her hometown or in the woods while on a hike with her grandfather. Once she found those she'd work on finding the rest. She settled in and began her assignment. On one particular search for moss, she found herself walking backwards with her head close to the ground and not really watching where she was going. As soon as she realized that this would probably end badly she stopped but it was too late. She'd already tripped backwards over a figure sitting on the ground. She scrambled up in a hurry hoping she hadn't hurt the other student and commenting nastily to herself that she was just destined to be a nuisance to any and all students at Sonora- Alicia aside.

"I'm so sorry!" She exclaimed. "I really seem to be making a habit of this. Here, let me help you." She stuck out a hand in order to help the girl to her feet and introduced herself at the same time. "My name's Ava, what's yours?"

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