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Mal Carey
How do you feel about word searches?
Wed Jun 19, 2013 18:59

The girl did not appear to be injured, and Mal did not believe he or his clothes had been permanently injured, so all was well that ended well. Except that it hadn’t ended yet. Well, he never had much liked sayings. Mother used them too much.

He glanced in the direction she seemed to think her brother was in, but no Emery answered, so he concluded that her brother had very sensibly abandoned her to getting herself out of any trouble she got into running into people. Mal approved of Brother Emery already. He had been told many times that doing that was unchivalrous, but he had heard even more often that he was a far more valuable commodity than Lucille, so abandoning her to her fate made much more sense than sharing in it if he could avoid it. Unless it was something good, of course, then he’d be right there beside her.

“Not at all,” he said, noting the name Jareau and not going back to answer the question about his own number total. “I’m Malcolm Carey. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

At this point, he thought, more people at school called him Malcolm, the name his mother and tutors at home used, than called him by the short form his siblings usually stuck to. He had not really consciously decided to do that, but since he couldn’t really say he liked anything about either except for the lousy ‘Mal and Cilly’ pun he had long since gotten tired of making about his and his sister’s names, he didn’t guess it mattered much. He gave the formal introduction and people went with it, end of story. Carey was the only important part of his name, just as Jareau was the only important part of Chloe’s. Assuming she was related to the headmistress, of course. The headmistress’ name was hyphenated, but he thought that was because she was married – he was sure Mother had commented on it, during some speech he had only half-listened to. Though, Chloe could no doubt make use of the similarity even if they weren’t related at all, so maybe it was the most important part anyway.

“It’s not Fawcett’s usual style,” he warned her. “I’ve met dust bunnies in the library more interesting than Potions usually is.” Actually, he found Potions interesting on its own, but just found potions themselves tiresome to make, but that was not as good a remark. Style mattered. “The Charms mistress decorates her classroom pretty extravagantly, though – Mother says she used to be an actress.” Mother did not approve. He did not mention it. “On today’s lesson, though, did you get that patch of nettles over there?” he asked, pointing toward where the one thing he had found had been and hoping to be pointed toward more things by the much more successful Chloe without having to look so hard for them himself.

  • Depends on what they are.Chloe Jareau, Sat Jun 15 21:39
    Chloe could recognize sarcasm when it came out so straightforward to her. If one was subtle and hid it behind something like a compliment, she probably could have missed it, but she picked up on his... more
    • How do you feel about word searches? — Mal Carey, Wed Jun 19 18:59
      • I'm better at those than this.Chloe, Wed Jul 3 15:52
        Well, so far Malcolm did not seem terribly upset at her for knocking him over. That was good. And he didn’t seem perturbed by the encounter to consider it a terrible first impression. That was a... more
        • They can both be hard to see throughMal, Fri Jul 12 22:16
          Mal resisted the temptation to tell Chloe to feel free to fall into anyone else she liked. With most people, he would have gone ahead and done it, but she was possibly related to the Headmistress.... more
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