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Ji-Eun Park, Pecari
Seems like you're taking a tumble
Thu Jun 20, 2013 12:27

Ji-Eun had reached the end of her note-making, which had only taken a few minutes. She turned to put her book back in her bag and was busily employed in doing this when she felt someone bash into her. She was a bit surprised as she thought she had chosen a spot well out of people's way. She gave a little gasp, more out of surprise than anything.

“It's ok,” she said, as the other girl apologised and went to help her up. She took the assistance more out of politeness than need. “I was sitting anyway, so you didn't knock me down or anything. Are you ok?” she asked. She noted the girl was an Aladren which raised her estimations of her somewhat. She suspected that, if she hadn't been paying attention it was because she'd been focussing on something more interesting. She therefore wanted to ask what the girl had been doing instead of looking where she had been going but that sounded rude, even if really it was just curiosity, so she held her tongue.

“You can call me Ji-Eun or Jane, whichever you find easier,” she offered.

“I was making a list of the places where the ingredients are most likely to be growing,” she added, feeling that she needed to justify why she had been sitting on the ground, even if the incident hadn't really been her fault in any way. She was naturally apologetic and was already thinking that she must have chosen an ill-advised place to sit.

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    • Seems like you're taking a tumble — Ji-Eun Park, Pecari, Thu Jun 20 12:27
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