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Julian Umland, Teppenpaw
Looking and learning.
Thu Jun 20, 2013 20:09

On a purely theoretical level, Julian enjoyed Potions. Even one of the more difficult parts of the subject, attention to detail, was not difficult for her; after being raised by an English major-turned-stay-at-home-mom of five and a sports commentator, attention to detail was really something she wasn’t sure she could have avoided, since both of her parents’ specialties counted on having it. The things which could be done with them were impressive, too, very much so. Professor Fawcett also suited Julian well enough as a teacher, their personalities, insofar as she knew about his, and teaching/learning styles didn’t clash, so really, she should have had nothing to complain about as she entered her second year of Potions.

The only problem was that if there were potions to make people less clumsy, no one had told her about them, and so in class she always felt like she was walking on eggshells to a degree only exceeded by the one which occurred when she was in Defense, just waiting for the next time she turned the wrong way and knocked over a jar or burned or cut herself and fearing the day when something worse happened, such as setting her robe on fire or, probably worst of all, spilling her cauldron on someone else. Since she wasn’t a person who flourished under pressure, worrying did nothing to help her coordination, in fact making it worse, and she became over-cautious in class, sometimes not finishing on time if her partner didn’t shoulder too much of the job. Then she felt bad about that, too, which made her try to hurry, which made her knock things over or touch something hot, which got her right back to the source of the problem. She hoped, as she settled into a seat, that this year would be better, but she had her hair in a braid for a reason, and was wearing a button-down shirt and pair of trousers which had belonged to both of her older brothers first, despite this not really being an outfit Mom or Charlie would probably consider fit for someone who wanted to impress. The clothes were too big for her, but had the advantage of also being both already very worn and an even worse fit for her younger brother John, so she had made everything come out more or less right with pins and just hoped none of the first years saw fit to make a crack about her being confused, between her first name and her outfit, about whether or not she was actually on board with this ‘being a girl’ thing.

She fidgeted with her syllabus, making tiny tears in the edges with what was left of her finger- and thumbnails, as Professor Fawcett talked, then gave herself a small paper cut in surprise when he said they were leaving the room. Shaking her hand in an attempt to make it stop hurting, she stumbled her way off her stool and out the door with the rest of the class to see…Professor Mims?

A moment later, though, it made sense, and she felt herself relax a little in the woods. Her family enjoyed camping when they could, so though the city was her natural habitat, she associated the outdoors with being on vacation. She would have felt a lot more comfortable with her father and brothers all around, but Professor Fawcett and the rest of the class would do, not least because she was pretty sure bears weren’t going to eat her in only pretend woods.

With that in mind, she found someone else and smiled when they were set to work. "Hi," she said. "Do you want to work together?"

  • Beginner Potions, Part IIProfessor Fawcett, Wed Jun 12 11:14
    John led the first and second years out of the Potions classroom and back to one of the locations he was sure even the newest of them would recognize: the corridor outside the Cascade Hall. There, he ... more
    • Running right into it.Adam and Charlotte Spencer, Pecari/Crotalus, Tue Jun 25 20:06
      Adam had done his best to avoid sitting next to his younger sister in their shared classes, but the moment they got up to follow Professor Fawcett outside, Charlotte was at his side. "You had better... more
    • Looking and learning. — Julian Umland, Teppenpaw, Thu Jun 20 20:09
      • I'm already bored.Viktor Volkov, Crotalus, Thu Jun 27 15:27
        Without a shadow of a doubt, Viktor could already tell that Potions was going to be boring. It was probably going to be his most boring class, because it would be his most meticulous class. He didn’t ... more
        • Come on, this is going to be fun!Julian U., Fri Jun 28 15:07
          Julian suspected the dangers of intemperate friendliness when the first year introduced himself, but kept smiling. “I’m Julian Umland,” she said. “Moscow, huh? And I thought Calgary seemed a long way ... more
          • Are you sure?Viktor, Fri Jul 12 19:38
            “I suppose it is,” Viktor answered about the distance. “Right now, my father is staying in Canada. If he is still there come midterm, I’m to join him there.” He wasn’t sure how he felt about that.... more
            • Absolutely.Julian U., Mon Jul 15 14:41
              Julian wasn’t quite sure what to make of Viktor’s statements about his uncertain housing arrangements. She had lived in the same house all her life, at least as far as she could remember; the idea of ... more
    • Hunting for some ingredients!Virginia Bellrose, Sat Jun 15 20:14
      Ginny surprised herself by being overly excited for the new classes to start. She wasn’t completely sure why this excited her so much, but it did. Maybe it was because she had so much fun last year... more
      • I'm more of a gatherer, myself.Thaddeus Luther Leebridge III, Tue Jun 25 11:18
        Thaddeus had been positively giddy to make his way down to Potions. The theory behind this modern subset of alchemy was fascinating, and the meticulous following-of-directions it required appealed to ... more
        • And it shows!Ginny, Thu Jun 27 21:04
          Ginny wasn’t sure what drew her to the quieter first years but it was apparent by …T.L. (?)’s greeting that he was not comfortable. Ginny was a happy person by nature. Everything intrigued her and... more
    • We always enjoy these types of games!Emery and Chloe Jareau, Aladren/Pecari, Thu Jun 13 21:20
      Emery was aware that the staff knew he was the Headmistress’s sonjust as they had likely concurred that Chloe was her daughter. Some of them might have met him at his mother’s wedding to Chloe’s... more
      • But not other kinds?Malcolm Carey, Pecari, Thu Jun 13 22:11
        The summer had been strange for Mal. For the first time in his life, as far as he could remember, anyway, he had not been the center of attention at home. His mother had been so delighted with what... more
        • Depends on what they are.Chloe Jareau, Sat Jun 15 21:39
          Chloe could recognize sarcasm when it came out so straightforward to her. If one was subtle and hid it behind something like a compliment, she probably could have missed it, but she picked up on his... more
          • How do you feel about word searches?Mal Carey, Wed Jun 19 18:59
            The girl did not appear to be injured, and Mal did not believe he or his clothes had been permanently injured, so all was well that ended well. Except that it hadn’t ended yet. Well, he never had... more
            • I'm better at those than this.Chloe, Wed Jul 3 15:52
              Well, so far Malcolm did not seem terribly upset at her for knocking him over. That was good. And he didn’t seem perturbed by the encounter to consider it a terrible first impression. That was a... more
              • They can both be hard to see throughMal, Fri Jul 12 22:16
                Mal resisted the temptation to tell Chloe to feel free to fall into anyone else she liked. With most people, he would have gone ahead and done it, but she was possibly related to the Headmistress.... more
    • I can't see the Sumac through the treesDimitri Porter, Teppenpaw, Thu Jun 13 17:19
      Dimitri made his way from the Teppenpaw common room to his Potions class as quickly as he could muster. He had almost forgotten there was a Potions class that day and he for a brief moment couldn’t... more
      • Or maybe under the bear?Irina Volkov, Aladren, Mon Jun 17 21:25
        Potions was the class that Irina was looking forward to most. She had already read browsed through the book and loved how everything was neatly listed. It was all very straightforward. Plus, she had... more
        • Giving poking a try... cover meDimitri Porter, Thu Jun 27 14:35
          Dimitri watched as the girl he tapped on the shoulder jumped slightly as if he had frightened her. “I’m sorry,” he apologized. “I wasn’t trying to frighten you.” He gave her an apologetic smile to... more
    • Taking the academic approachJi-Eun Park, Pecari, Thu Jun 13 15:14
      Ji-Eun had sat up eagerly at the front of the class for Potions. Her parents expected her to perform perfectly in everything but they expected her to be even more perfect in Potions. The fact that... more
      • Re: Taking the academic approachAva Fletcher, Aladren, Tue Jun 18 22:00
        Ava had been excited for her first day of Potions class. During her talk with Alicia at the Welcoming Feast she had found out that not only was Potions something essential to becoming a Healer like... more
        • Seems like you're taking a tumbleJi-Eun Park, Pecari, Thu Jun 20 12:27
          Ji-Eun had reached the end of her note-making, which had only taken a few minutes. She turned to put her book back in her bag and was busily employed in doing this when she felt someone bash into... more
          • Yeahh.. So sorry!Ava Fletcher, Sat Jul 6 17:52
            "It's okay, I was sitting anyway, so you didn't knock me down or anything. Are you ok?" Ava nodded in response, "Yeah, I'm used to scrapes. I do it a lot, see? This one's from flying lessons. My..."... more
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