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Thaddeus Luther Leebridge III
I'm more of a gatherer, myself.
Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:18

Thaddeus had been positively giddy to make his way down to Potions. The theory behind this modern subset of alchemy was fascinating, and the meticulous following-of-directions it required appealed to his logical sensibility. If you mixed two measures of beetle bulbs with half a dried spiny slug, the result would always be the same, unless you managed to stir the mixture the wrong way. Unlike people, Potions were predictable (and if something went wrong, that something could be easily ascertained and fixed promptly). When Professor Fawcett had led the class out of the comforting confines of his classroom, Thaddeus had felt some of his initial excitement fade. He'd been ready for whatever combination of mixing and measuring would be asked of him, but this excursion was an unexpected, and unwelcome, development.

The First Year stepped carefully into the Mirage Chamber, and was for a moment unable to believe his eyes. The scene around him could have come straight from an illustration in one of his textbooks: a deep forest blanketed with exotic plants, the living, growing versions of the dried ingredients he would be using in the lessons to come. For a moment, the boy hung back, worksheet clutched tightly in his hand. A partner would be a useful thing, but he didn't dare approach an older student; he hated the idea of slowing someone else down on their quest for miscellaneous flora.

Thaddeus was saved from his own indecision by the intervention of another student. She invited him to work beside her with what sounded like excitement, and he accepted with relief. Smiling shyly, Thaddeus held out a hand to his companion. "I'm T.L., and I'd, erm, love to work with you." Indicating a corner of the mirage forest which was mainly empty of other students, he asked: "How about we start there? I think I saw some lavender over by that tree."

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    Ginny surprised herself by being overly excited for the new classes to start. She wasn’t completely sure why this excited her so much, but it did. Maybe it was because she had so much fun last year... more
    • I'm more of a gatherer, myself. — Thaddeus Luther Leebridge III, Tue Jun 25 11:18
      • And it shows!Ginny, Thu Jun 27 21:04
        Ginny wasn’t sure what drew her to the quieter first years but it was apparent by …T.L. (?)’s greeting that he was not comfortable. Ginny was a happy person by nature. Everything intrigued her and... more
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