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Oops, Thaddeus' tag should be [Aladren] (nm)
Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:22

  • I'm more of a gatherer, myself.Thaddeus Luther Leebridge III, Tue Jun 25 11:18
    Thaddeus had been positively giddy to make his way down to Potions. The theory behind this modern subset of alchemy was fascinating, and the meticulous following-of-directions it required appealed to ... more
    • And it shows!Ginny, Thu Jun 27 21:04
      Ginny wasnt sure what drew her to the quieter first years but it was apparent by T.L. (?)s greeting that he was not comfortable. Ginny was a happy person by nature. Everything intrigued her and... more
    • Oops, Thaddeus' tag should be [Aladren] (nm) — OOC, Tue Jun 25 11:22
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