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Dimitri Porter
Giving poking a try... cover me
Thu Jun 27, 2013 14:35

Dimitri watched as the girl he tapped on the shoulder jumped slightly as if he had frightened her. “I’m sorry,” he apologized. “I wasn’t trying to frighten you.” He gave her an apologetic smile to show that he really meant it. He really hadn’t meant to scare her. He had only hoped that she had found some Sumac elsewhere and that maybe he wouldn’t have to get under the bear to get some. Sadly that appeared to not be the case since she was now suggesting that he either find honey and entice the bear away or that he poke it with a stick if he was feeling exceptionally brave. He wasn’t sure how he felt about the stick idea, but he was willing to at least give it a try. Sure he could bother Professor Fawcett with his problem, but he figured it would look a tad better if he actually managed to deal with his problem on his own. Technically his problem wasn’t so big yet that he needed to involve the Professor in it just yet. He figured if he was creative enough with this he could probably make it work. Besides he was starting to get a rather interesting idea based off of one of her suggestions.

“You’re probably right,” he agreed. “If this was real it probably would maul me to death.” He couldn’t disagree with her logic. She was right. If Dimitri had been about to do this anywhere but here, he would most DEFINITELY be a goner. Since nothing in this forest could hurt them he figured it was at least worth a shot. “I have an idea,” he told her, looking around for a sturdy stick to use. “But I’m going to need an extra set of hands if you wouldn’t mind.” He continued with his idea as he picked up the biggest, sturdiest stick he could find lying on the ground by some bushes. “I’m going to poke the bear and wake it up, but only just barely. If you would be kind enough to just keep an eye on it while I do I would appreciate it. If you see it doing something weird or overly “bear” like (he didn’t know how else to say it) get Professor Fawcett. If you can do that I would greatly appreciate the assistance,” he told her sincerely. He knew the idea he was pitching was probably going to make him look like he was completely off his rocker, but if it worked they would both have a neat story to tell their family and friends. Not much of a consolation prize he knew, but it beat the alternative. He wasn’t sure exactly if she would assist him, but it didn’t hurt to try. If nothing else poking the bear might make it move enough to where he could gather what he needed on his own and he may not need her to run for help.

He walked quietly up behind the bear and got the stick ready. He glanced over towards her and whispered, “Okay…I’m about to poke the bear out of the way. Keep an eye out for me. Ready…one…two…three.” He turned back towards the bear and gently nudged it in the back with the stick. The bear made a weird grumbling sound, but didn’t entirely stir. Dimitri glanced towards his classmate and shrugged. He turned back towards the bear and gently nudged it again. The bear grunted, swiped its paw through empty air and growled without getting up or opening its eyes. Dimitri frowned a bit and sighed. This was going to be one stubborn bear. He poked the bear one last time and stepped back a bit as the bear made an unhappy sound, got up on all four feet, shook itself kind of like a wet dog would and meandered off into the trees, its furry backside disappearing into the brush. Dimitri dropped the stick and turned to glance at Irina stunned. “Wow…did you see that?” he asked, completely shocked. “I can’t believe I got it to move like that. That was amazing…and probably crazy…but amazing,” he exclaimed. He had been soo excited over moving the bear that Dimitri almost forgot what he had moved the bear for. He walked over to where the bear had been laying and plucked himself one of the Sumac plants. He went back over to where he had left his bag of herbs and his ingredients sheet and added the last one in. Going back over them all he held out his hand with the herbs in it to Irina. “Do these look right to you?” he asked her. “I want to make sure I didn’t grab poison oak or something while I was collecting these up.” He was fairly certain he had gotten all the ingredients listed on the sheet, but it never hurt to have another set of eyes check them over as well. Its entirely possible he messed up somewhere and if she could help him by double checking everything he would appreciate it. He laughed at his own lame joke still holding his hand out.

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    • Giving poking a try... cover me — Dimitri Porter, Thu Jun 27 14:35
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