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Viktor Volkov, Crotalus
I'm already bored.
Thu Jun 27, 2013 15:27

Without a shadow of a doubt, Viktor could already tell that Potions was going to be boring. It was probably going to be his most boring class, because it would be his most meticulous class. He didn’t like those kinds of classes. He preferred ones that were action-oriented or if they got to learn about something disgusting or gross. The only time Potions was interesting was when something blew up or if they happened to be learning a potion that was actually somewhat useful. Though, he highly doubted they would be taught any of those any time soon. No, those sorts of potions like polyjuice potion tended to be reserved for the older years. They were stuck learning…he checked the syllabus…great, ingredients. This was definitely going to be a yawn fest.

Adding into this was the depth to which Professor Fawcett explained the syllabus. Honestly, was it really that hard? Just look at the week and there was what was going on. Actually, the whole thing was rather predictable. If he were a professor, he would not tell his students anything about the lesson. He would just surprise them and it would always be something fun like what would happen if they put in raven feathers instead of dove feathers and things like that. Truthfully, it would probably make the potion blow up, but he would award points to the person who made their potion blow up the fastest.

He didn’t get any more time to fantasize about what he would do if he were a professor since now they were leaving the classroom. Throwing his stuff into his black bag, he followed the rest of the class to the recognizable area of the corridor. He tuned out the part about points and only peeked up when the door was actually opened. Vortex. Interesting. He waited his turn to go through it, wondering what was on the other side. Viktor bet this was going to be the most interesting part of the lesson and he certainly wasn’t disappointed when he did step through. It was a forest. Great.

It would have been cool if they were searching for killer rabbits or something like that instead of plants. He didn’t like plants at all. They were boring and just hindered the way for progress. Though, he had grown up a little outside the city, he was still a city boy, cement and concrete, all the fast-paced action. There was never a boring moment in cities. Someday, he hoped to be like his dad and travel to different places, but so long as things remained as they were, he didn’t have anything to worry about since he would be the Head of Family someday.

Glancing around, Viktor saw his cousin. He was about to bother her when someone approached him, asking to partner. He wished she had introduced herself properly so he knew whether or not she was of importance. Of course, this would not necessarily have prevented him from saying no, because if they were an Aladren or a Crotalus, a purpose would be served. “I suppose so. By the way, my name is Viktor Volkov of the Moscow Volkovs. And you are?”

Once introductions were taken care of, Viktor looked at the list in his hand. “Some of the items should be easier than others to find. Like, there are the daisies,” he said, pointing to a rather large patch that some other students were playing in. Actually, he didn’t think any of it would actually be that difficult. “I think the arrowhead might be a little difficult, but the rest is pretty common. Let’s look around for it. I bet we’ll find everything else along the way. So, what do you think of Sonora? It’s my first year here. It’s pretty different from back home.”

  • Looking and learning.Julian Umland, Teppenpaw, Thu Jun 20 20:09
    On a purely theoretical level, Julian enjoyed Potions. Even one of the more difficult parts of the subject, attention to detail, was not difficult for her; after being raised by an English... more
    • I'm already bored. — Viktor Volkov, Crotalus, Thu Jun 27 15:27
      • Come on, this is going to be fun!Julian U., Fri Jun 28 15:07
        Julian suspected the dangers of intemperate friendliness when the first year introduced himself, but kept smiling. “I’m Julian Umland,” she said. “Moscow, huh? And I thought Calgary seemed a long way ... more
        • Are you sure?Viktor, Fri Jul 12 19:38
          “I suppose it is,” Viktor answered about the distance. “Right now, my father is staying in Canada. If he is still there come midterm, I’m to join him there.” He wasn’t sure how he felt about that.... more
          • Absolutely.Julian U., Mon Jul 15 14:41
            Julian wasn’t quite sure what to make of Viktor’s statements about his uncertain housing arrangements. She had lived in the same house all her life, at least as far as she could remember; the idea of ... more
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