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And it shows!
Thu Jun 27, 2013 21:04

Ginny wasn’t sure what drew her to the quieter first years but it was apparent by …T.L. (?)’s greeting that he was not comfortable. Ginny was a happy person by nature. Everything intrigued her and she constantly needed to know what was going on. She enjoyed people. She loved chatting. She loved adventure. Of course, she had to do it all without leaving the protective box of being proper. That was incredibly hard to do. Ginny wanted to run around and explore everything. She wanted to ask a million questions in hopes that it would satiate her need for understanding. She wanted to throw her hands up and jump around when she was excited about something. She wanted to get dirty! But she couldn’t because none of those things were lady like. None of those things would represent her family in a positive way. The whole point of her being here and not continue her homeschooling was because the Bellrose name was to be expanded out of Canada and into America.

It was so hard for her to stay still.

But this year, she had met a lot of quiet people. And by a lot, she met two. Well, assuming TL was as equally as shy as Charlotte seemed to be. Looking around now, she easily spotted the girl attached to her brother. Ginny felt sorry for Adam. Even if he didn’t think anything of it, he would never really have a life of his own whenever his sister was around. He’d always be at her demand. Ginny tried to like the girl and it not liking someone was not something that easily happened to her, but the girl just stood there and didn’t even bother to try. Maybe that just annoyed Ginny. Ginny was trying hard to be kind and not getting a response in return. Yes, that was it. Ginny was annoyed by her. Hopefully, that changed into something more positive as she got to know her.

Trying to not let one bad first impression ruin this one, Ginny maintained her grin at the first year. He might just be put off by all of this and not really be quiet. “I’m Virginia Bellrose, but you can call me Ginny.” She greeted. She nodded when he pointed to a ‘corner’ to begin their work and immediately started in that direction. “T.L. what does that stand for?” She asked out of curiosity. She had never known anyone who simply went by initials. Well, assuming they were initials and his family didn’t actually name him T.L., which she thought was super weird. “Oh, you were right, it is Lavender!” Ginny exclaimed, finding the purple plant easily enough. “I would’ve walked right on by it.”

  • I'm more of a gatherer, myself.Thaddeus Luther Leebridge III, Tue Jun 25 11:18
    Thaddeus had been positively giddy to make his way down to Potions. The theory behind this modern subset of alchemy was fascinating, and the meticulous following-of-directions it required appealed to ... more
    • And it shows! — Ginny, Thu Jun 27 21:04
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