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Julian U.
Come on, this is going to be fun!
Fri Jun 28, 2013 15:07

Julian suspected the dangers of intemperate friendliness when the first year introduced himself, but kept smiling. “I’m Julian Umland,” she said. “Moscow, huh? And I thought Calgary seemed a long way away, that’s where I’m from.”

Geography wasn’t Julian’s strongest point, but she was pretty sure that Moscow was further away from Sonora than Calgary thanks to that whole ‘Pacific Ocean’ business. Unless, of course, it was some kind of ‘Paris, Texas, Athens, Georgia’ kind of thing, in which case she guessed she was about to look really silly. Still, everyone did, sooner or later, so if it happened, she’d apologize and move on. It wasn’t really something to linger over for long or worry too much about.

She noted daisies on her own sheet. “I’m a second year,” she said. “It’s…not exactly like my home, either, but it’s usually good here. I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I’m in Teppenpaw, we’re sort of the fun, laid-back House.” For which she was grateful. There were things worth being intense about, but everything wasn’t, and taking everything too seriously didn’t seem to be much of a Teppenpaw problem, at least from what she had seen. “Okay, so, arrowhead’s a water plant I know, so we should look for water if we’re going to look for that,” she added, remembering lessons from last year. “So that means going down any hills we see, I guess. I’m glad I don’t care about messing up these clothes and shoes too much.” Her sense of fashion – or rather, total lack thereof – had probably done irreparable damage to Charlie’s soul over the past year and was probably corroding his faith in humanity at this very moment, but it had its benefits.

“Do you spend a lot of time outdoors?” she asked. “Or around plants or anything?”

  • I'm already bored.Viktor Volkov, Crotalus, Thu Jun 27 15:27
    Without a shadow of a doubt, Viktor could already tell that Potions was going to be boring. It was probably going to be his most boring class, because it would be his most meticulous class. He didn’t ... more
    • Come on, this is going to be fun! — Julian U., Fri Jun 28 15:07
      • Are you sure?Viktor, Fri Jul 12 19:38
        “I suppose it is,” Viktor answered about the distance. “Right now, my father is staying in Canada. If he is still there come midterm, I’m to join him there.” He wasn’t sure how he felt about that.... more
        • Absolutely.Julian U., Mon Jul 15 14:41
          Julian wasn’t quite sure what to make of Viktor’s statements about his uncertain housing arrangements. She had lived in the same house all her life, at least as far as she could remember; the idea of ... more
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