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Ava Fletcher
Yeahh.. So sorry!
Sat Jul 6, 2013 17:52

"It's okay, I was sitting anyway, so you didn't knock me down or anything. Are you ok?"

Ava nodded in response, "Yeah, I'm used to scrapes. I do it a lot, see? This one's from flying lessons. My..." She paused as she thought how to phrase the next part of the sentence. She decided on the word friend. "My friend knocked me over on accident, he lost control of his broom for a little bit. And see this scar here?" She lifted up her wispy bangs to reveal a small scar on her forehead. "This is because when I was little I thought I could fly and jumped off my grandfather, Papa's roof. Luckily my mom saw me in time and kinda cushioned the fall a bit." Ava giggled.

"Gee-Une," Ava's forehead puckered a little as she tried to pronounce the name. "Is that right?" She was sure it wasn't so she decided Jane would probably be better. "Sorry if I butchered it, maybe I should stick to Jane."

Jane was a pretty name, Ava thought, it was the name of the eldest sister in that book that her grandfather said her grandmother had really liked. Ava could remember pulling it from the shelf one night last summer and asking him to read it to her. Ava missed her grandmother. She had died when Ava was only a baby and so all she had was pictures of her that didn't even move like the ones that came in the newspapers that the owls brought Ava's mother when she was home. Reading her grandmother's favorite book had made her feel closer to her and brought a sense of security Ava felt she'd been lacking. Living only with her grandfather had it's pros and cons. A con was definitely that there was no female around to help her when it came to matters of dress- old dresses made by her grandmother for her aunt when she was a girl didn't fit in with the fashion trends of the day and although Ava liked wearing them she also felt a little left out and old fashioned compared to the other girls who she'd gone to school with.

"That's kind of smart," remarked Ava upon hearing Ji-Eun's explanation for sitting on the ground. "I kind of just dove into it. I was looking for moss when I fell over you and not really looking where I was going. It's kind of a habit- my Papa says I'm spacey."

OOC: So sorry for the late reply! I was out of town!

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    • Yeahh.. So sorry! — Ava Fletcher, Sat Jul 6 17:52
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