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Fri Jul 12, 2013 19:38

“I suppose it is,” Viktor answered about the distance. “Right now, my father is staying in Canada. If he is still there come midterm, I’m to join him there.” He wasn’t sure how he felt about that. Christmas was the one time that his family felt like an actual family. In the morning, they would open presents in front of the tree and then later they would have a fancy feast with their entire family. They would finish the night with a cup of hot chocolate in front of the family. No other time was like it. And now, he wouldn’t have that. What would they do instead? Would there still be a tree? He didn’t know, but at least it was awhile away before he had to worry about it further.

He was disappointed when he learned that she was in Teppenpaw and her description of it was not exactly encouraging. However, being a second year was a saving grace. She probably knew more than he did since she was in the upper part of beginner classes. Unless, of course, she was really dumb. “I’m in Crotalus. I’m sure you already know the reputation.” He was actually proud of the reputation, but not everyone felt the same way about it, so he would wait to see how she reacted to it first to see how he should proceed. Perhaps, it was the cautious part of being in Crotalus that made him this way.

Viktor was relieved when she said she knew about arrowhead. It meant Julian had half a brain, which was a definite plus. Maybe Teppenpaws weren’t so bad or maybe it was just her. “So, downhill, it is.” His eyes took in her outfit. He hadn’t noticed it before, but he just shrugged. He didn’t care too much about that sort of stuff. “Yeah, me either. Let’s go.” He might not have cared much about appearance, but there were other things to worry about in terms of clothing. Thankfully, his sneakers were fairly steady on the incline so he didn’t fall. “Hey, I think I see some water up ahead.”

“I spend some time outdoors with sports and stuff like that, but not around plants. Actually, I don’t like plants very much. They’re okay in a planter or maybe a garden. I think they get in the way of building things that are actually useful. Guess that means I won’t grow up to work in Herbology or Potions. What about you?” He asked, stopping at the water.

  • Come on, this is going to be fun!Julian U., Fri Jun 28 15:07
    Julian suspected the dangers of intemperate friendliness when the first year introduced himself, but kept smiling. “I’m Julian Umland,” she said. “Moscow, huh? And I thought Calgary seemed a long way ... more
    • Are you sure? — Viktor, Fri Jul 12 19:38
      • Absolutely.Julian U., Mon Jul 15 14:41
        Julian wasn’t quite sure what to make of Viktor’s statements about his uncertain housing arrangements. She had lived in the same house all her life, at least as far as she could remember; the idea of ... more
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