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They can both be hard to see through
Fri Jul 12, 2013 22:16

Mal resisted the temptation to tell Chloe to feel free to fall into anyone else she liked. With most people, he would have gone ahead and done it, but she was possibly related to the Headmistress. That meant caution, at least unless he thought of something a lot funnier than that. He didn’t even like these clothes enough to really fuss over them – the beginning of the fall was not his favorite season – and besides, he didn’t want to be in the middle of it if she really did fall into someone else and that person was more irritable about it than he had been.

“We’ll say meeting was introductions,” he suggested instead. Last names were all that really mattered, anyway.

“It’s what Mother said,” he repeated. “I…don’t think she would make that up.” He didn’t think she’d have the imagination, though it was always possible. Mother could describe things very vividly when she wanted to, like a novel, he thought. She read novels, Mother; he had looked at them before because he knew he wasn’t supposed to. It was one more way to make the hours go by in a way which wasn’t too boring to stand. “I’ve never seen her act or anything, but we don’t go to the theater very often.” Mother didn’t approve at all, though Stepmother had taken him and Lu along with her before.

“I hadn’t,” Mal admitted of the pomegranate, since he couldn’t exactly hide that he was writing it down on the paper. He nodded at her offer to team up over the lavender and thought for a moment before responding about their other courses. “Some of the professors try to be entertaining,” he said. “Some don’t. They all act like they care about their work, though.”

For some reason I'm probably better off not knowing, he added mentally. He had never seen exactly how tutors and teachers managed to live with themselves.

He nodded at Creatures. “It is a little more interesting when it’s outdoors,” Mal agreed. Outdoors always held some appeal for him just because Mother was so opposed to letting him go there, though he’d drawn the line at following Arthur’s suggestion that he join the Quidditch team so he could spy on it for the family. They were too intense for his tastes, flying had the same problem of frustrating him because of the contrast between being on something fast and yet still being bounded by a fence that Lucille’s horses did, and Arthur did not pay him well enough to make Mal really go out of his way for him. “It is easier to keep up with all of us in a classroom, though,” he observed. “Make sure everyone’s completing the lesson, you know, that everyone’s playing nicely together. Is that your lavender?” he added, pointing toward some purple flowers and comparing them to his page.

  • I'm better at those than this.Chloe, Wed Jul 3 15:52
    Well, so far Malcolm did not seem terribly upset at her for knocking him over. That was good. And he didn’t seem perturbed by the encounter to consider it a terrible first impression. That was a... more
    • They can both be hard to see through — Mal, Fri Jul 12 22:16
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