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Julian U.
Mon Jul 15, 2013 14:41

Julian wasn’t quite sure what to make of Viktor’s statements about his uncertain housing arrangements. She had lived in the same house all her life, at least as far as she could remember; the idea of not knowing where she would spent her holidays was strange to her, but maybe his family moved around a lot and didn’t mind. Her mom had cousins who were like that, wandering around and seeming to like it that way.

“Well, if you do, it’s not the worst country to spend Christmas in,” she said cheerfully. “I kind of like it most of the time.” It was cold, but she was pretty sure Moscow had that problem, too.

“Not really, no,” she said of the Crotalus reputation. Most of what she had heard about Crotalus as a House, rather than individual students, was that they really wanted to beat Aladren in Quidditch. She guessed she would get to see that game this year, since Quidditch was back on in general; she was excited for that, and hoped it lived up to the hype. Julian lacked the physical coordination to even dream of playing Quidditch, she’d get killed in the first fifteen seconds, but she had always enjoyed watching it. “Just what’s in the catalogue. All the Crotali I’ve met have been really nice, though.” Admittedly, that mostly just meant Ginny Bellrose, since Crotalus had not gotten a lot of members in their year, but still. The Crotalus girl was generally pleasant, and Julian had no problem with any of the stated characteristics of Crotalus. Literally defined, anyway.

She bit her lip, not sure if it was to keep down a smile or grimace, when he answered her question about the outdoors and she pictured her family’s reactions to it. Her mother, whose love of Muggle literature generally tapered off between Columbus and Newman and then ended again except for Tolkien and a bit of Lewis, in particular would not be amused.

“My family does a lot of camping,” she said, rather than commenting on how her family would probably also promptly give him a nickname somehow relating to Saruman if they got the chance. “And Mom grows what she can in pots, and in the little space we have for a garden. I like plants.” She smiled, beginning to follow the water, looking for anything promising. “I guess useful’s a relative term, isn’t it?”

  • Are you sure?Viktor, Fri Jul 12 19:38
    “I suppose it is,” Viktor answered about the distance. “Right now, my father is staying in Canada. If he is still there come midterm, I’m to join him there.” He wasn’t sure how he felt about that.... more
    • Absolutely. — Julian U., Mon Jul 15 14:41
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