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Clark Dill
To victory!
Mon Jan 25, 2016 09:14

They had not won the first challenge. It was a new experience for Clark. He had led a fairly charmed life at Sonora so far, what with his apparent innate skill at Quidditch and the staff's preference for him as prefect and Assistant Quidditch Captain. He was good in classes, had an intelligent friend and science partner in John Umland, and he was leading an excellent group in the science club. Really, the only unlucky thing to have happened to him since he arrived at Sonora was getting Oliver Ferguson as his roommate.

He'd kind of just assumed things would continue to go his way.

And to be fair, tied for fourth place really wasn't a bad position to be in going into the second challenge. But he couldn't help the feeling that they needed to do better this time around.

He wasn't quite sure how well suited they were for a physical challenge though. Sure, the boys of their team were all on Quidditch teams (or would have been if Quidditch was happening this year) so that was promising. But as much as he didn't want to sound sexist, he was a bit concerned about the female half of the team in this challenge that required brooms.

He had brought along his broom. It was no longer the newest one on the market and hadn't been top of the line when it was, but it was a good broom and only a year and a half old, so it was in that golden era where it was still almost-new and yet he was comfortable and familiar with it. He was excited to get to fly it in near-competition today, especially since (he assumed) there wouldn't be any bludgers after him this time around.

No bludgers, but as he listened to Ms. Nicchi, there would be plenty of other things to avoid while aloft during the challenge.

He nodded in agreement as Gabe volunteered for the first leg of the relay. Looking to Isaac, he asked, "Want me to go with him, or do you want to?" Isaac was their advanced student, so he should probably take the anchor position in the final leg, but Gabe was just a first year so he definitely needed an older student for defense support. He didn't think the last group's job sounded so more difficult than the first group's that Clark and Isaac both needed to be there.

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    • To victory! — Clark Dill, Mon Jan 25 09:14
      • That's the idea.Isaac Douglas, Wed Jan 27 16:29
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