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Chloe Jareau
We'll figure something out.
Mon Jan 25, 2016 19:45

Chloe’s holiday had not been one that her family had been hoping for. The day after Christmas, her brother had finally passed away. It had been one of the most traumatic moments of her life. When her biological mother had passed away, Chloe had felt most anger at the woman for abandoning her and putting her through so much the summer prior to her death. Anger that Chloe had yet to figure out how to let go of. But it was different with Angel. It was like her heart had been ripped from her and crushed. She hadn’t been able to breathe or feel or do much of anything. Ben gave her some relief, but even that had been limited.

His death had ripped a hole through her family and they had needed time to repair it. Her parents had sent notice to the school that Emery and her would be extended their holiday due to the death of their brother. That week they had all spent time together, learning to cope and to grieve. Before she and her brother left to head back to school, they had stopped by the cemetery one last time. The stone wouldn’t be put up for a couple of months, so they laid flower near the marker and said their goodbyes until they could return.

When they finally arrived at Sonora, they decided on a quiet return. Emery went to his dorm and Chloe went to hers. It had been the first Sunday since the Feast, so most people were either finishing their homework or off creating problems. Aside from seeing Ji-Eun, Chloe’s return had felt almost invisible. She hadn’t been too sure on how to feel about it. Even so, it felt good to be around her friends again. Some normalcy was bound to help her through it.

Of course, she wasn’t sure how normal today was considering she had to do a challenge. Chloe didn’t really mind her team. They weren’t in last place, but they certainly were no where near number one. She hoped that no one on this team was all that upset over the rankings. She really didn’t have much of a fight to spare though, but she hoped that they would be understanding of her current state of mind.

She listened to what the challenge would bring about. She hadn’t flown as actively as she once used to, but she was athletic and riding a broom was hard to forget. It was hard to say how exactly the first years would be in either situation. Either they rode brooms or they were good at treasure hunting, but there wasn’t much she could really do about it. Before she could really make any decisions though, Owen spoke up. Chloe gave him a look over. He didn’t seem to be in a mood for this. “Sure, that would be fine.” Chloe agreed. No need to make him do something that he didn’t want to do.

“I’ll take Group Three and I’ll take Cass with me. Group One will be Aislinn and Camden. Jemima, you join Owen in Group Two.” Since Aislinn was the second oldest of the group, she should take on the spells and things that might be lurking in the maze with another. “Unless anyone has objects to their group, we should get started.”

OOC: Since Theodore hasn’t posted since he was in his 2nd year, I’m posting this as though he is no longer there.

  • I don't think that's a good idea for me.(Team 13)Owen Brockert, Sat Jan 23 05:33
    Owen was nervous about the second challenge. Not so much because his team wasn't in great standing after the first one-he didn't care much, he just hoped that nobody was too upset or blamed him for... more
    • We'll figure something out. — Chloe Jareau, Mon Jan 25 19:45
      • Whatever . . . you sayCameron Dempsey, Wed Feb 3 14:33
        “That’s fine with me” Cameron said. He wasn’t much of a walker, or a runner, really anything involving his legs. If he’d thought about it he would have said that legs were the absolute worst limb but ... more
        • Go team!Jemima Wolseithcrafte, Tue Feb 9 02:22
          ‘Physical challenge.’ The description worried Jemima, though more for Owen than herself. She didn’t really like sports but they had been an unavoidable part of being home with Ingrid once everyone... more
      • OOC: CORRECTIONChloe Jareau, Mon Jan 25 19:50
        I should have checked the list before posting. I put Camden instead of Cameron, so please forgive me!
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