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Isaac Douglas
That's the idea.
Wed Jan 27, 2016 16:29

Isaac was by no means a good Quidditch player – his half-sisters had gotten all the athletic tendencies of the Laynes; Rachel had largely given it up in the name of looking properly ladylike, but Kate had played Seeker for Teppenpaw and Alicia had been a fan of rock climbing, of all things, even before she married into a family which owned a mountain – but he had served on the Crotalus team for several years and, therefore, owned his own broom. He held it carefully by his side as the whole school packed into the area outside the Cascade Hall, hoping proximity would protect it from damage at the hands of his enemies. Broken twigs were probably more likely to be the results of accidental collisions in the crowd than they were to be the products of sabotage, but Isaac preferred not to take any chances, not with equipment he needed to get through this as quickly and easily as possible.

First water, now air. Isaac found himself devoutly hoping that there were only going to be three challenges and that the third one was earth-based. He didn’t like fire, not only because its character was contrary to his nature but also because his sister Alicia favored it. Isaac could remember her doing things with the candles in their playroom when they were little just to scare him and he had not been surprised when, several years after she started school, he’d read that fire was strongly associated with Transfiguration, though its co-association with defensive charms had thrown him at first because Alicia favored the offense and he’d gathered later that she found pure defense somewhat difficult. He had finally decided, based on mentions of Vesta and Jupiter and Vulcan in the same discussion, that that part was somebody’s messed-up religion and therefore not relevant. Or at least not, in the current context, relevant enough to make him want to deal with a fire challenge at all. Earth would be much better. It could be dangerous, too, but it was steadier, usually slower, not as prone to suddenly rising up out of control. At school, the worst thing it was likely to do was cover him in mud, and while Isaac disliked being covered in mud, it was a massive improvement over being covered in ashes.

When Ms. Nicchi finished her speech, their first year Teppenpaw immediately spoke up with a suggestion. Isaac wasn’t sure what a relay was, but the plan sounded okay. Assuming, of course, that the kid was right about how good he was on a broom. It was a good broom, Isaac knew enough to see that, so unless Gabe Valenti had more gold than sense, he probably could at least fly competently….

He thought through the angles as quickly as he could when Clark asked for his input. On one hand, the first leg sounded easier and, being first, would be over with quicker, all of which were things that recommended it to him. However, protecting the first year would be challenging, and there were also status implications. The final leg would be the most noticeable, and while Isaac intensely disliked that kind of thing intrinsically, he knew he should really hold his nose and be impressive now….

“You can go this time,” he agreed. If the object was larger than a Snitch, which was likely since there weren’t many objects smaller than a Snitch, then Clark would probably do better with the map and Isaac with the treasure. If he just could have had a good Beater to watch his back while he did that, he thought they would have had a good chance, but…. “Ah…who’d like to accompany me in the third round?” he asked the girls, looking between the three of them. He expected he would have to do all the work no matter who answered, so he had no real preference. He just hoped he didn’t have to settle a fight between them over who the unlucky girl would be.

  • To victory!Clark Dill, Mon Jan 25 09:14
    They had not won the first challenge. It was a new experience for Clark. He had led a fairly charmed life at Sonora so far, what with his apparent innate skill at Quidditch and the staff's preference ... more
    • That's the idea. — Isaac Douglas, Wed Jan 27 16:29
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