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It's not so bad!
Fri Jan 29, 2016 18:53

Ginger felt confident going into the second challenge. She was dressed in comfortable (and colorful) clothes in the form of blue jeans (soft enough to move easily in, yet form-fitting enough that they wouldn't get in the way - plus she looked good in jeans if she did say so herself) and a baby doll t-shirt with a My Little Pony unicorn on it. She didn't have a lot in the way of breasts, but what little she did have was enough to add some roundness to the light cotton fabric. Plus her training bra was new enough that she felt more grown-up than annoyed that the straps were showing through her shirt instead of letting the shoulders rest flat.

Her broom was just as pleasing to her, seeing as it was a gift from Jake, and she had used it all of last year so she was quite comfortable with it. She was totally going to rock this air challenge.

After the instructions were given as to what the three groups would be doing, she wondered if it would be selfish to ask to be in Jake's group. They were both on the Teppenpaw team, but with her being a Keeper and him being a reserve Seeker, she couldn't really argue that they flew well together. Well, they usually did stick pretty close during laps and warm-ups, but it wasn't really the same as working together as Chasers or Beaters, she guessed.

Plus, given who made up the rest of their challenge team, she and Jake were the big names in Quidditch. "I guess me and Jake should take lead on the flying groups," she offered, with an uncertain glance toward Eleanor and Diana, both of whom were older than her, in case they wanted lead in exchange for granting a ground position to Angelique's request. "I'm a good flier, though I may need some higher level spell support if we go up against anything that can't be outflown." That was one of the unfortunate side effects of going into these challenges with only half a year of Intermediate classes under her belt.

  • Ugh (Team 11)Angelique Brockert, Fri Jan 29 13:01
    From the instructions given for the second challenge, Angelique had a feeling that it was going to be exactly what she had been dreading the first time. Sports. Yuck. Naturally, the same problem had... more
    • It's not so bad! — Ginger, Fri Jan 29 18:53
      • Yeah, don't worry, be happy!Jake Manger, Sat Jan 30 05:37
        Midterm had been a strange time for Jake. Usually he loved going home, saddened only by the idea of leaving his second-home, Sonora, but this time, being home had only reminded him of the bad things... more
        • But not silly about itDiana Carey, Sun Jan 31 21:46
          Diana wanted desperately to frown as she approached the second challenge, but a lady did not show her emotions in public and especially did not show them when one of the ways they wanted to manifest... more
          • Un-silliness it is then!Ginger, Thu Feb 11 18:42
            Ginger couldn't help a bit of a smile when Jake said they should be together. Diana didn't seem entirely convinced by the idea though, or at least, not by the position he'd chosen for them to take.... more
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