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Jake Manger
Yeah, don't worry, be happy!
Sat Jan 30, 2016 05:37

Midterm had been a strange time for Jake. Usually he loved going home, saddened only by the idea of leaving his second-home, Sonora, but this time, being home had only reminded him of the bad things in his life. He had mostly tucked away his troubles by the time midterm had come, but being home, seeing his family again, just made it all come rushing back. Looking at his mother just made him feel guilty. Visiting his father only made him feel mad.

So he was certainly glad to be back at school, where he could throw himself into a myriad of things to distract himself. Quidditch practice, challenges, schoolwork, prefect duties, and clubs--they were his lifeline. And the good news was that most of those things included Ginger, who was easily the best friend he had here. Plus she made him feel happy in new and exciting ways. Jake found something new to like about her every time he saw her, it seemed. He hoped that never ended.

He couldn’t help but think of her when he’d heard their teams would split into pairs for the next challenge, although that thought was followed by a touch of guilt since Diana was also a friend of his. Jake wanted to be with Ginger, but being grouped with Diana would also have been fun, he was sure.

On his way out of his room this morning, he stopped in front of the mirror and stared at himself. He was looking older these days, taller and a bit more muscular. Apparently his body was changing along with his voice, which had a habit of cracking at the most inopportune times. Jake also looked at his hand, which held the broom his father had sent him. His father. Ross Manger. Who wasn’t what Jake had thought he was. He was starting to look a lot more like him, although his appearance was still predominantly his mother’s. Jake looked his reflection in the eyes--his mother’s eyes--for reassurance before heading out.

He did his best to listen to Ms. Nicchi’s instructions, and it was pretty obvious immediately that he and Ginger would be flying. They were the only two on the team who played Quidditch, and in fact were used to flying together, although only in practice. He worried that their experience would mandate their separation to help out their teammates, and he accidentally tuned out a bit of what was said while he tried to think of how to spin it and get them together.

Angelique said something, he wasn’t sure what, before Ginger made a statement on the flying. It kinda seemed like she too wondered if they should be separated but didn’t really want that. “I think we should fly together,” he stated, directing himself mostly toward Ginger but certain not to close off the rest of their teammates either. “I mean, if you and I do the first part together, we’ll probably be super quick. That’ll give us an early lead over the other teams, and the other two groups would get the most possible time to get through their parts.”

  • It's not so bad!Ginger, Fri Jan 29 18:53
    Ginger felt confident going into the second challenge. She was dressed in comfortable (and colorful) clothes in the form of blue jeans (soft enough to move easily in, yet form-fitting enough that... more
    • Yeah, don't worry, be happy! — Jake Manger, Sat Jan 30 05:37
      • But not silly about itDiana Carey, Sun Jan 31 21:46
        Diana wanted desperately to frown as she approached the second challenge, but a lady did not show her emotions in public and especially did not show them when one of the ways they wanted to manifest... more
        • Un-silliness it is then!Ginger, Thu Feb 11 18:42
          Ginger couldn't help a bit of a smile when Jake said they should be together. Diana didn't seem entirely convinced by the idea though, or at least, not by the position he'd chosen for them to take.... more
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