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Chaslyn Brockert
Anxious (Team 14)
Sat Jan 30, 2016 11:42

When Chaslyn had seen the results from the first Challenge, she'd felt a little like throwing up. Well, okay, actually she'd felt a lot like throwing up. They weren't first. It didn't even matter which place they were actually in-which was not great- it wasn't first. That wasn't okay, not at all. That wouldn't be acceptable, not to Mother. Only first place was acceptable to Mother. Her team had to be the best, she had to be the best.

The whole thing was more than just disheartening, it was terrifying, she worried about this every second-even though she had no spare time to really do so. Chaslyn wasn't even able to feel satisfaction about the fact that her team was beating Kira's. (Kira had gotten to go back with Amity and Phillip after their family's get together again this year while she'd had to stay home and study and practice the violin and go to various lessons and have various tutors come to teach her stuff she wasn't learning in school, as well as parties, Chaslyn was that age where parties were more of a thing and she did not enjoy them much. Also, Mother was currently in the process of deciding what Chaslyn would have to take next year as an independent study, along with keeping all five core subjects. ) She was also avoiding Scarlett, whose team was in first. Naturally the Pecari was pleased about this fact, which made her impossible for Chaslyn to be around. Besides, her cousin's general happy enthusiastic personality was starting to get to her a bit in anyway.

And Mother was bound to find out. The fifth year had an awful lot of first cousins here, one or more of them-inevitably Scarlett at least-was certain to write home about their own team placements and while she trusted all of them, even Scarlett and Kira, not to tell how she was doing. (Although Kira might tell Amity because Amity might want to know specifically how Chaslyn was doing, Amity would never talk to Mother. The Aladren alumna ignored Mother at family functions and only gave small pleasantries at public events for appearances' sake.)

However, she was even more worried that she'd let it out herself. The Crotalus had never ever been able to lie to anyone at but especially not Mother. It was almost as if the woman could read Chaslyn's mind, or that she was somehow able to see what Chaslyn was doing at all times or that she was able to make her act as if under veritaserum whenever they spoke although if she was at Sonora while Mother was at home, that was impossible. Still, she knew that Mother would ask and she'd answer honestly. She always did.

And she blamed nobody but herself for their spot either. Chaslyn needed to put more effort into this. She was tired all the time and had so many other things, so she'd probably not given the Challenges the attention they deserved. Sometimes, it was hard to know what deserved the most attention. She tended to gravitate towards ballet and school success as well as studying so she could get perfect CATS scores, the latter because they were just that Important and everyone worried about them and the former because she loved it. However, Chaslyn had been taught that everything was Important and that she was to be the model of accomplishment and perfection.

She usually found out what area she was lacking in when she went home for break, this year being no exception. Lots of violin this time as well as in increase in watercolor practice and Spanish. Now there was also the Challenges and they were doing dreadfully. Even if she had had inherently deficient teammates,it would have still been her fault. She knew that she was not holding up her end of what she was supposed to do, which would have been picking up the slack.

And today's event did not play to her strengths at all. Chaslyn didn't know what precisely her specific strengths were, as they'd gotten lost in the myriad of activities, but she knew flying was not one of them. Based on how society currently was, that was one thing that she'd never been pressured to do much. Nor was it something she enjoyed much or had time for. Not to mention that when she was a first year, the staff had disappeared for half a year because of the incident with the experimental charms facility so she'd not even had a whole year of proper flying lessons. Much as Chaslyn wasn't supposed to have any deficiencies, she had to admit flying was one.

This provided her with another problem though, while society had discouraged flying and Quidditch due to WAIL, the Wolseithcraftes disagreed. They had an organization of their own which was pro-girls playing Quidditch. Theodore's older sister had played as did one of his younger sisters. He might expect Chaslyn to want the ground option that Ms. Nicchi had mentioned, but he'd likely be disgusted with her for it. Plus, he was the leader and she could not usurp his authority.

Still, winning was the most important thing and they were more likely to do that if she didn't fly. Maybe if she volunteered. Maybe it would sound like she was being helpful. Chaslyn spoke up. "I'd like to be on the ground. I mean, it would make sense if we balanced out people by age." Something other teams seemed to be doing. "And Mr. Wolseithcrafte is almost certainly a better flyer than I am." Complimenting Theodore's abilities couldn't hurt. She just hoped that providing an idea wasn't speaking out of turn. If he told her to fly-which he might in retaliation for her offering a strategical bit-she would.

Her stomach twisted as she waited for Theodore-or anyone else-to say something. Chaslyn really could have gone for another dose of Draught of Peace right now, despite that her breakfast having been primarily that along with the Endurance Potion.

  • Challenge Two: Air Time!Librarian Amelle Nicchi, Fri Jan 22 19:36
    It was the morning of the second challenge. Notices had gone up that Monday advising everyone to come to the Entrance Hall at 10 in the morning to the portrait where the House Points were calculated... more
    • Come on, Team Fifteen!Joseph Umland, Fri Feb 5 12:00
      Joe had realized at the time that his team had done well , but in all the chaos – people running, packages flying, no clear line of sight on anything – he had not realized that it had tied Team Five... more
      • But the world is endingAraceli Arbon, Fri Feb 12 07:46
        The world seemed not to be ending. She, Araceli and their school associates had all been in the same place at the same time. She had had nightmares in the run up to the ball, of Araceli showing up as ... more
        • It's not that bad.Duncan Brockert, Fri Feb 12 22:17
          Duncan was, once again, somehow blessed with good luck, with his team being tied for first place. He was beginning to feel sort of bad about it actually. While he had to study the same as anyone else ... more
      • OOC CorrectionJoe Umland, Sat Feb 6 14:17
        Despite having the team lists open in another tab while writing, I somehow failed to notice that Joe's team is led by Duncan Brockert, not Arnold Manger. Not sure where my head was. I think the rest... more
    • Death sounds like a good alternative (Team Nine)Caelia Lucan, Wed Feb 3 07:36
      Their team was in last place. And not just tied for last place like teams seven and four were for second to last, but full on last place. Caelia felt awful. How was she supposed to prove to her older ... more
      • ...I think you might be right.Kira Spaulding, Wed Feb 3 13:48
        Kira did not like flying at all. Not only was it not considered ladylike and proper-which she tried so hard to be-but it was yet another thing she was just so bad at. People who flew had to be... more
        • Offering an outLena Westley, Wed Feb 3 15:41
          The challenges were not exactly Lena’s cup of tea. She preferred more leisurely things, things like reading, walks in Labyrinth Garden- even archery could be done at your own pace. The challenges... more
    • A much better challenge (Team Eight)Alistair Johnson, Mon Feb 1 16:35
      In all honesty, there were only two people in his team that Alistair really cared about. They were Emrys Lucan, simply because he was Caelia’s brother, and Kelsey Atwater, because she was Kelsey and... more
      • It could beNatalie Varth, Tepp, Tue Feb 2 16:30
        Perhaps it was being unable to try out for Quidditch this year, or not being confident in being able to use enchantments properly to ward off the unknown in this new challenge, but most likely it was ... more
        • It all depends on how we divide and...Emrys Lucan, Wed Feb 3 03:54
          The more Emrys hung around his sister’s friends, the more and more worried he got for her. It wasn’t that he didn’t think they treated her well—on the contrary, he was very aware that his sister had... more
          • Conquer!Lionel Layne, Thu Feb 11 10:28
            Lionel was not particularly fussed about his team’s standing in the game, but he couldn’t say he was overjoyed with it, either. He guessed there were people who actually wanted to lose – there was... more
    • Fly, my pretties! Fly! (Team Seven)Sammy Meeks, Sun Jan 31 15:04
      Despite their position tied for second to last, Sammy walked in today pretty excited. She loved flying. It was so much fun, everything she had hoped that magic would be. You got to soar in the air... more
      • Yes, also my uglies and my averages.Tristan Spaulding, Fri Feb 12 18:19
        Tristan was feeling pretty good about today, pretty confident. They were doing horribly but this challenge was theirs . He'd noticed that the teams were not exactly all equal in terms of skills, like ... more
    • Taking charge. (Team 10)Oliver Ferguson II, Sun Jan 31 12:13
      While Oliver cared little about the Challenges generally speaking and thought they were a waste of his valuable time-especially during his CATS year-it hurt his pride for them to be placed so low.... more
      • Okay, but...Dustin Newell, Sun Jan 31 14:44
        Dustin surveyed the Mirage Chamber with a touch of hesitation. While competition of this nature was not really his thing, he felt inclined to perform well in these challenges, but physical activity... more
        • Laila did not like Oliver Ferguson. At all. Which kind of astonished her because she really hadn’t felt this sort of dislike towards someone…well, ever. But what frustrated her more than anything was ... more
          • I'm just here for the competition.Jack Spencer, Wed Feb 10 13:19
            Jack was thoroughly enjoying the challenges. Though he considered himself an academic of sorts, he also loved being physically active and taking part in competitions. It was strange to him, however,... more
    • Team six, pick up sticks.Wu Peizhi, Sun Jan 31 05:09
      Wu was glad to find how quickly she could readjust to Sonora. Each time it was a bit easier, a bit more of a relief as it became more home than her home was. No one here demanded much of her; there... more
      • Not candle ones now, thoughLeonidas Bennett, Sun Jan 31 23:15
        The time for his brother’s wedding was drawing nearer and nearer, and to listen to Leonidas’s mother talk, every day over the holidays might have been the day before it. It hadn’t been as bad for... more
        • Who says a Pecari can't strategise?Liliana Bannister, Wed Feb 3 07:08
          Beating Theodore’s team was something that Liliana desperately wanted to do. Despite their truce of sorts that they had mutually called in some aspects of their lives, she was very aware that in... more
          • Not can't so much as can't be bothered toIngrid Wolseithcrafte, Tue Feb 9 02:57
            They weren’t quite winning, and winning was a thing Ingrid would be hard pushed to deny that she wanted and enjoyed. However, she was the first placed Wolseithcrafte and given that they had been told ... more
    • Anxious (Team 14) — Chaslyn Brockert, Sat Jan 30 11:42
      • Excited!Aiden O'Neil, Sun Jan 31 19:47
        Aiden’s midterm was full of Society parties and holiday shenanigans with some of his older cousins. His mother and father were being more uptight about things and it was starting to become an issue.... more
        • Fed upTheodore Wolseithcrafte, Thu Feb 11 03:00
          Theodore was less than thrilled about their current ranking in the team challenges. He didn’t really care about such things, but Francesca had won when she was here and, much as he loved her, he... more
    • The worst thing (Team one)Nevaeh Reed, Sat Jan 30 05:56
      It was going to be flying. Nevaeh was terrified. Her experience in flying lessons had been disastrous. She had hated the pure sensation of it, a weightlessness that for most people was probably... more
      • Simply making a suggestion.Abigail De La Garza, Mon Feb 1 16:06
        The thing about the challenges was that they essentially forced students to work together and with people they might not otherwise get the chance to mix with so Abigail De La Garza was in her... more
        • A good one at that.Serena Brockert, Tue Feb 2 14:46
          Serena's midterm had been amazing. Better than amazing. The kind of amazing that went beyond amazing and that she had no words for. That kind of amazing. Now though, she was back at school. Back to... more
          • In one hundred percent agreement.Ava Fletcher, Wed Feb 3 06:16
            When little Nevaeh Reed suggested she ride on the back of Ava’s broomstick, the seventh year blanched. The idea was quite sickening. She could just see the disaster that lay ahead for all of them if... more
            • Fight or flightKyte, Wed Feb 10 04:46
              Midterm had been the best, being back home where he felt he belonged, and doing Christmas shows - luckily these tended to be old familiar favourites, and still being little their parts weren’t too... more
    • Team two, take two!Arnold Manger, Sat Jan 30 05:17
      Arnold didn’t care a lot about the first challenge. He’d had a lot more important things on his mind, college applications to fill out, a best friend with whom he was barely speaking. But things were ... more
      • Two by twoRaine Collindale, Sun Jan 31 07:34
        Raine wanted to be enthused about the physical challenge. She was agile, had good balance, spent most of her time doing gymnastics. However, the instruction to bring brooms suggested that her regular ... more
        • I'm on board, tooAndrew Carey, Sun Jan 31 23:36
          With his broom in one hand and his wand in the other, Andrew felt a lot more ready for the second challenge than he had for the first. The notice that had gone up on Monday had been vague, but it had ... more
          • This is fine with me.Jax Donovan, Tue Feb 2 17:45
            Jax’s holiday at home had gone pretty well, all things considered. His last turn had been just a couple of days before he had to depart for home, so he didn’t have to deal with any of that back in... more
            • Such an agreeable bunchSavannah Brockert, Wed Feb 3 11:15
              As far as teams went, Savannah felt she was pretty lucky. Hers seemed to get along pretty decently which made things go a lot better in general. The fact that there were only two teams ranked ahead... more
    • Ugh (Team 11)Angelique Brockert, Fri Jan 29 13:01
      From the instructions given for the second challenge, Angelique had a feeling that it was going to be exactly what she had been dreading the first time. Sports. Yuck. Naturally, the same problem had... more
      • It's not so bad!Ginger, Fri Jan 29 18:53
        Ginger felt confident going into the second challenge. She was dressed in comfortable (and colorful) clothes in the form of blue jeans (soft enough to move easily in, yet form-fitting enough that... more
        • Yeah, don't worry, be happy!Jake Manger, Sat Jan 30 05:37
          Midterm had been a strange time for Jake. Usually he loved going home, saddened only by the idea of leaving his second-home, Sonora, but this time, being home had only reminded him of the bad things... more
          • But not silly about itDiana Carey, Sun Jan 31 21:46
            Diana wanted desperately to frown as she approached the second challenge, but a lady did not show her emotions in public and especially did not show them when one of the ways they wanted to manifest... more
            • Un-silliness it is then!Ginger, Thu Feb 11 18:42
              Ginger couldn't help a bit of a smile when Jake said they should be together. Diana didn't seem entirely convinced by the idea though, or at least, not by the position he'd chosen for them to take.... more
    • Looking for Guidance (Team Five)Gia Donovan, Tue Jan 26 20:20
      Gia trailed behind her brother as they walked through the halls towards the Entrance where they were expected to meet. Gia was not happy with her brother. He kept abandoning her. First, during... more
      • Let's see what your worst nightmare can do for you.Barnaby Pye, Thu Jan 28 09:41
        Barnaby had arrived to the second challenge in his most comfortable clothes. Which, for him, meant that he had forgone his crisp dress-shirts for a more casual cotton button-up and a pair of khaki... more
        • How about go away?Ji-Eun Park, Tue Feb 9 02:18
          Her team was doing well. Really well. In fact, they were in first place whilst Jamie languished mid-table. She had seen him pouting the day the rankings had gone up and, whilst he would have taken... more
          • OOC - editJi-Eun, Wed Feb 10 04:16
            I failed to notice that Gia had already posted later in the challenge with Barnaby, so let's say that Jess is working with Scarlett on the final leg. If I have time, I will edit some IC reasoning... more
    • Let's work this out (Team Three)Emery Kijewski-Jareau, Tue Jan 26 17:48
      Emery stood amongst his peers in the Entrance Hall while he listened to the Librarian discuss the day’s event. The challenge, in and of itself, didn’t seem terribly difficult, so long as two of the... more
      • I'm amenable.John Umland, Wed Jan 27 16:16
        Water, Earth, Fire, Air: the corruptible classical elements, and items which lived together about as harmoniously as Team Three. Air dried water and could, if the proportions were right, snuff out... more
        • It's all decided.Emilia-Louise Scott, Mon Feb 1 13:07
          Emmy-Lou had enjoyed the first challenge but had not found the following results had to be quite so pleasing. She wasn’t all about making it a competition and only caring about winning or anything... more
          • ...It is?John Umland, Wed Feb 10 18:39
            ”I’ll go in the third group with John,” a voice piped up at once. It was not the one John had expected. Arthur Leithan probably had no reason to think too highly of his roommate's brother (somehow,... more
    • (Team 12) Game on!Gabe Valenti [Teppenpaw], Sun Jan 24 13:40
      Now, normally, Gabe was all about being on a team, and competition. Teamwork, coming together to complete a common goal? Years of little league had given him plenty of experience with that. But the... more
      • To victory!Clark Dill, Mon Jan 25 09:14
        They had not won the first challenge. It was a new experience for Clark. He had led a fairly charmed life at Sonora so far, what with his apparent innate skill at Quidditch and the staff's preference ... more
        • That's the idea.Isaac Douglas, Wed Jan 27 16:29
          Isaac was by no means a good Quidditch player – his half-sisters had gotten all the athletic tendencies of the Laynes; Rachel had largely given it up in the name of looking properly ladylike, but... more
    • (Team Four) Put me in, Coach, I'm ready to flyBen Pierce, Sat Jan 23 21:20
      Hippo was excited about this challenge. Everything he'd heard about it so far suggested this was the one he'd excel at the most. He needed to dress for physical activity and bring a broom. How could... more
      • Yeah, what he said.Arne Reinhardt, Sun Jan 31 16:34
        It seemed that Sonora was always coming up with new ways to surprise and challenge Arne. No matter how much he sometimes wished to be back home stirring up all kinds of mischief with the Mills... more
    • Group Three (nm)Librarian Nicchi, Sat Jan 23 07:54
      • Team Five!!!Scarlett Brockert, Fri Feb 12 20:26
        Scarlett was totally enjoying the Challenges and the fact that they were tied for first had her totally pumped! She didn't even care if she had to fly, she wasn't bad at it though it was not... more
      • Flying from the nest (Team 13 - Cass Riker)Chloe Jareau, Fri Feb 12 13:30
        Chloe was more than relieved that no one on the team seemed upset by her thought process. It might have made more sense to separate the third years, but Owen seemed sickly and Chloe thought it would... more
      • It's so shiny! (Emilia, Team Three)John Umland, Fri Feb 12 12:51
        On a list of thoughts John had never thought he would have, hm, not bad, Park, was right up there with hm, think I’ll run naked through this tangled mass of briars and poison ivy in terms of... more
      • Once the teams were decided, the only thing to do was wait. While they did that, Isaac occupied himself by trying to figure out if he could make a convincing argument that later teams (like, for... more
      • Off t(w)o victory!Arnold Manger, Mon Feb 8 16:12
        The good part about being team two was that they didn’t have to wait long to do the challenge. The numbers were generally insignificant, mostly just a way to organize the different teams without... more
    • Group Two (nm)Librarian Nicchi, Sat Jan 23 07:54
      • Just walking along. (Team Three - Laura Song)Emery Kijewski-Jareau, Fri Feb 12 23:55
        Emery had no idea what he had done that had put him as the lead of this team. It was clear that Jamie and John did not like each other and their little digs at one another under their breaths or the... more
      • Owen felt tremendous relief when Chloe not only agreed to let him stay on the ground but paired him with Jemima as well. Honestly, it would be nice to win, but when it came down to it, he cared far... more
      • Scavenging (Team Two - Raine)Jax Donovan, Fri Feb 12 11:00
        Jax stood around waiting for their time to go in. He really didn’t mind working with Raine as she wasn’t likely going to do anything that would upset him during their time together. He only hoped... more
    • Group One (nm)Librarian Nicchi, Sat Jan 23 07:53
      • For team three (with Arthur)Jamie Park, Thu Feb 11 07:47
        Ji-Eun’s team was winning. Not just beating his but actually over-all winning. The fact had put a pout on Jamie’s face for most of the week. The news that the next challenge involved flying helped to ... more
      • Flying Flamingos, Batman! (Arne)Ben Pierce, Team Four, Wed Feb 10 10:36
        Ben clutched his broom in hand and bounced on his feet while he waited for his turn to go into the challenge maze. He wasn't anxious exactly; well, he was. He was anxious to get started, but not... more
      • Off we go (Team Five - Barnaby)Gia Donovan, Mon Feb 8 20:54
        Gia stood at the portrait with one of the school brooms in her hand as she waited for them to go through. She was really rather grateful that they were higher up on the team list than some of her... more
      • Follow the butterfliesGabe Valenti - Team Twelve, Wed Feb 3 00:58
        One thing Gabe knew for sure was that being a wizard wasn’t very easy. Two scorch marks on his pewter cauldron sitting by his bed in Teppenpaw house were clear proof of that. He’d been the cause of... more
        • Following!Clark Dill, Mon Feb 8 14:45
          "Ready," Clark confirmed and followed Gabe through the portal into the (very dark) room with the map. Gabe used his wand to light the way, and Clark nodded in approval. Over the past fifteen years or ... more
          • Towards the light?Gabe Valenti, Sun Feb 14 21:53
            Gabe was glad for the red light emitting from his wand - it was the perfect cover for the blush that flashed across his face. This was supposed to be his moment - and here he was barely crawling on... more
    • I don't think that's a good idea for me.(Team 13)Owen Brockert, Sat Jan 23 05:33
      Owen was nervous about the second challenge. Not so much because his team wasn't in great standing after the first one-he didn't care much, he just hoped that nobody was too upset or blamed him for... more
      • We'll figure something out.Chloe Jareau, Mon Jan 25 19:45
        Chloe’s holiday had not been one that her family had been hoping for. The day after Christmas, her brother had finally passed away. It had been one of the most traumatic moments of her life. When her ... more
        • Whatever . . . you sayCameron Dempsey, Wed Feb 3 14:33
          “That’s fine with me” Cameron said. He wasn’t much of a walker, or a runner, really anything involving his legs. If he’d thought about it he would have said that legs were the absolute worst limb but ... more
          • Go team!Jemima Wolseithcrafte, Tue Feb 9 02:22
            ‘Physical challenge.’ The description worried Jemima, though more for Owen than herself. She didn’t really like sports but they had been an unavoidable part of being home with Ingrid once everyone... more
        • OOC: CORRECTIONChloe Jareau, Mon Jan 25 19:50
          I should have checked the list before posting. I put Camden instead of Cameron, so please forgive me!
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