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Raine Collindale
Two by two
Sun Jan 31, 2016 07:34

Raine wanted to be enthused about the physical challenge. She was agile, had good balance, spent most of her time doing gymnastics. However, the instruction to bring brooms suggested that her regular exercises might not be what the school had in mind. She was a competent enough flyer, being unable to remember a time when she hadnít been required to ride a broom in some fashion, even if it was just clinging on behind one of her parents or an older family member. Flying for her was a practical means of getting from A to B though, rather than something she really enjoyed.

The second challenge sounded rather complicated, and again she was forced to wonder how well she, as a first year, would be able to participate. Hopefully they wouldnít throw anything too nasty at them seeing as they couldnít know how the teams would be divided, and there might be first years alone in the maze. She could throw off most simple jinxes and repel mildly bothersome creatures. She doubted she would come off better against a Manticore but it seemed very unlikely the school would put one in there. Still, Defence was by far and away her least favourite subject, and she thought she might be reasonably good at helping to find things, as hers was the kind of family that was prone to misplacing things.

Arnold decided to put her in the ground group, which suited her perfectly well. She wasnít really sure whether the rest of her team were ace fliers and on their house Quidditch teams, or whether Arnold just thought that, as a first year, she might not have much experience on a broom. Or some other reason.

ďThatís fine with me, thank you,Ē she replied. Sometimes - often in fact - when grown ups asked if something was ok with everyone they just meant that you had to be ok with that, whether you liked it or not, but Arnold seemed to be a bit softer than that and to really want to check with them. ďI donít mind which job I have to do,Ē she added, just in case anyone else wasnít happy. She preferred the ground work because it didnít involve dodging nasty hexes but she could swap if she had to. She didnít volunteer the fact that sheíd done a lot of flying in her life because she thought that was more or less covered by saying she didnít mind. True, it didnít really give Arnold an impression of her skill, just her willingness, but Raine didnít really like to speak up about her own abilities, and especially about something which to her was rather mundane - she wasnít in any way a skilled flier, weathering a few sharp winds aside, just a competent one who did it to get about.

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    • Two by two — Raine Collindale, Sun Jan 31 07:34
      • I'm on board, tooAndrew Carey, Sun Jan 31 23:36
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