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Dustin Newell
Okay, but...
Sun Jan 31, 2016 14:44

Dustin surveyed the Mirage Chamber with a touch of hesitation. While competition of this nature was not really his thing, he felt inclined to perform well in these challenges, but physical activity was not a strength of his. He was an academic, something he had never really known about himself prior to Sonora and particularly his Sorting into Aladren, although he’d always been a know-it-all. He was quite clever, really, or at least by standards of book smarts. Somehow, that didn’t seem like it would be terribly helpful here.

He did his best to quiet these worries, repeating the mantra of an heir is always in control to himself, an echo playing in his mind beneath the librarian’s speech. At least it didn’t seem like this flying challenge (featuring a desireable ground portion) was too terribly athletic, really just requiring a basic handling of a broom to dodge some obstacles. Nothing he couldn’t handle, although he didn’t particularly care to.

The second year felt that he would be of the most help on the ground, realistically, but as Oliver Ferguson stated that the two of them would take that part (although it was more of a demand than even just a statement), another thought occurred to him. “But what about Laila?” Despite his intense pureblood upbringing, Dustin had a touch of a soft spot for the Muggleborn, mostly because she was the first person he had met upon arriving at Sonora, increased slightly by the fact that she was really quite cute. He could not recall how she had performed in their flying lessons, and he hadn’t kept up with her to know her skills by report, but at least he had been on one prior to school. That gave him a bit more experience, and logically, even though he would be an asset on the ground, Laila might be a detriment in the air.

He generally knew his place; he was an heir, yes, but he was young and perhaps a little naive. He knew that boys above him in class had more authority. So as much as Dustin hated to contradict an older student, particularly one of good standing, he still found himself turning toward Miss Kennedy to ask her female opinion. “What do you think? How are you on a broom?”

  • Taking charge. (Team 10)Oliver Ferguson II, Sun Jan 31 12:13
    While Oliver cared little about the Challenges generally speaking and thought they were a waste of his valuable time-especially during his CATS year-it hurt his pride for them to be placed so low.... more
    • Okay, but... — Dustin Newell, Sun Jan 31 14:44
      • Laila did not like Oliver Ferguson. At all. Which kind of astonished her because she really hadn’t felt this sort of dislike towards someone…well, ever. But what frustrated her more than anything was ... more
        • I'm just here for the competition.Jack Spencer, Wed Feb 10 13:19
          Jack was thoroughly enjoying the challenges. Though he considered himself an academic of sorts, he also loved being physically active and taking part in competitions. It was strange to him, however,... more
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