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Arne Reinhardt
Yeah, what he said.
Sun Jan 31, 2016 16:34

It seemed that Sonora was always coming up with new ways to surprise and challenge Arne. No matter how much he sometimes wished to be back home stirring up all kinds of mischief with the Mills brothers and their friends, he knew that life without magic, without Quidditch, was close to meaningless. So he had been upset, at first, that Quidditch had been canceled but excited next when heíd seen that Quidditch was being replaced by another sort of competition and that neither his brother nor his cousin were to be on his team. He had since gotten over his weird, immature rivalry with the two and felt that now, as a very mature twelve year old, he could put that sort of thing behind him, but he still liked his space. Besides, being angry all the time was exhausting.

However, that didnít mean that Arne didnít want to beat the pants off his relatives and everybody else at that school and so he had come to the Quidditch Pitch with his game face on. However, his team hadnít done nearly as well as Tobiís team, it had seemed, and on top of that Liacís team had also appeared to do better. So Arne had gone home with a feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach. Not even getting up to his usual holiday mischief with Rogan Cain and Greg Petersen had cheered him up and he had spent most of the break wondering why the girls in town around his age looked so different, if only because he needed some sort of distraction to keep his mind off the golden brother.

Headmaster Brockertís announcement of Tobiís team having tied for first place with Lailaís friendís team irritated him. It was like no matter how hard he tried, he could never measure up. Laila had already made it perfectly clear to him that she preferred the company of the Donovans to him, and on top of that had even invited Tobi to accompany her to the Gardens a couple timesósomething he had only found out about because he had run into them coming back inside while listlessly wandering around the school, looking for something to do. Lailaís team had placed higher than his as well, but he didnít really mind that, since he had found her obviously rather upset about something sometime after the first challenge and, in a rare moment of true bonding, she had confided that her team really wasnít that fun. So he was glad that at least she wasnít in last place in addition to being on a team of staunch purebloods.

The physical portion of this challenge in which he was needed to bring a broom if he had one did not appeal to Arne as much as he thought it would either, because he knew that both Tobi and Liac would out fly him and that wasnít something that he was looking forward to. It wasnít that his family would ever rub it in his face, but they were older, they were stronger, they were exemplary examples that he could never live up to. Yet, there was still hope. Their team had three Quidditch players on it plus there was that odd little first year who liked to haul around athletic equipment with him, which meant that they would likely do alright in that department, at the very least. He wanted to suggest this idea to the group, but his gums felt stuck together, his mouth suddenly dry as he caught something out of the corner of his eye, something that did not please him in the slightest, and so instead, he let his face become sullen and scowled instead, his shoulders hunched. Letting the disagreeable expression leave his face as he realized someone in his group was talking. He didnít want to have a bad attitude on the team. When it came to teamwork, independent problems were supposed to be left off the field, it was what was best for the whole.

Baby Pierce had a good point. And his words had given Arne enough distraction that he felt his mouth unsticking, the corners of his lips hurting a little as he opened his mouth and pried them apart. ďPerhaps I can go with him in the first group,Ē he added. ďI can fly but Iím sure Joella and Atlas know more defensive spells than me so that might be best for coming back if defending our item is whatís needed.Ē

  • (Team Four) Put me in, Coach, I'm ready to flyBen Pierce, Sat Jan 23 21:20
    Hippo was excited about this challenge. Everything he'd heard about it so far suggested this was the one he'd excel at the most. He needed to dress for physical activity and bring a broom. How could... more
    • Yeah, what he said. — Arne Reinhardt, Sun Jan 31 16:34
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